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Trip to the US

Dear Partners and Friends,

I thought I would have died in one of the flights I had.

I arrived Salt Lake City from Phoenix not in good shape. My energy was almost gone. I was feeling drained because of the sleepless nights I had in the previous nights. Jet lag was too much. I could not sleep despite of the excellent accommodation my host gave me. I was gasping for breath like a fish deprived of oxygen. When I travel before with my leader, he is usually the one who sees and watches both schedules of our flights and our layovers. The same thing when my wife is with me.

My latest trip was a different ball game. I learned to watch and read everything that was written in the airport lobbies and corridors including those digital and computerized frames displayed, or I will miss my flights. I took notes all the time.

I was so tired walking the distance up to my gate. It took me around several minutes to walk and to finally reach my gate for Denver.  After consulting about my flight at the gate desk, I have to hurriedly look for a fast food to fill my empty stomach. I was so hungry and thirsty. My handicap was my huge & heavy luggage that I was towing wherever I go whether to the fast food or to the toilet.  One cannot just leave a bag or luggage at the airport. It might be stolen or might be picked up by airport authorities and would be declared a dangerous bag from a terrorist.

“Your flight from Salt-Lake City to Denver is now open for boarding!”

Finally people were slowly queuing themselves and started embarking to a small jet of 48 sitters. It was small, a local state airplane.

My mind was resting while the plane traversed at 20,000 feet from the ground. The weather was cold and the sun was not cooperating that day. While my mind was wandering at how the Lord would help me in my scheduled fund raising presentation at Heritage Church in Grand Junction, the plane steward made an announcement:

“Please remain seated and fasten your seat belt; we are about to encounter some turbulence shortly.”

I was not bothered. Like my past flights, it was a normal announcement. Turbulence always comes. But to my surprise the plane suddenly went up abnormally and like a toy being brought to a higher level, it dropped immeasurable speed! Then, again for the second and third time with extra sideways motion the plane was struggling. I felt like I was inside a washing machine! Oh, my God! I thought that was my last. I thought I would die at that instance… “Lord Jesus have mercy…” the same with other passengers I prayed. It was the worst and longest turbulence I ever experienced in my entire life.

Thank God the plane withstood the test. It did not break. The pilot was able to negotiate the turbulence skillfully.

I then realized how dangerous it is to fly, and that not all flights reaches its destination. What if one day one of my flights fails? God forbid. I began to ask, Why do I need to travel? Why do I need to leave from my home base and my comfort zone? It seems to me that traveling this time is not fun anymore.

Then I remember the word of the Lord, when I was asking His direction during my birthday in July 24, 2011.

“I, the Lord, have called you in righteousness, I will take hold of your hand. I will keep you and will make you to be a covenant for the people and a light for the Gentiles…” Isaiah 42:6 (emphasis mine)

I was comforted then, realizing of His great promise of His Will in my life (even in the worst moment of my life), to accomplish His purposes.

I arrived Grand Junction at 10:00 p.m. miraculously. God made a way that I reached Grand Junction in Colorado and was able to speak at Heritage church the next day.

I visited the US to present the Philippine Navigators needs for funds, but ultimately the Lord’s purpose for my life is to be a covenant for the people and be a light for the Gentiles. Doing fund raising therefore is just a small part of God’s Bigger picture for me. Therefore, wherever He wants me to go, I have to go; whatever rides He wants me to take, I have to be thankful and trust Him at all times.

I give God the glory for the opportunity to present our needs at Heritage church in Grand Junction in Colorado and to some Filipino friends in Sta. Rosa and Dally City, CA. The experience was challenging, but I experienced the Lord the whole time of my trip. It was a heartwarming experience as the Lord allowed me to develop new friendships and new ministry partners. I was given the time to talk and was listened to, but most of all I returned to my family in Manila whole and sound.
My new friends and hosts’ family, The Masseys at White Water, Grand Junction in Colorado

My new friends and hosts’ family, The Masseys at White Water, Grand Junction in Colorado

My new friends and hosts’ family, The Masseys at White Water, Grand Junction in Colorado

My new friends and hosts’ family, The Masseys at White Water, Grand Junction in Colorado

Let’s continue to pray and take the challenge of Project 54 to raise funds for the Philippine Navigators. You can also develop new friends, new relationships and challenge them to rally with us on this project.

I am looking forward for my next US trip in April 2015 for the Fundraising Symposium in Glen Eyre Colorado. That time I will be flying with my wife.

For the sake of the Gospel,


Posted on July 25, 2014

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