Church Discipleship MinistryIn 1985, the Philippine Navigators inaugurated the Discipleship Training Institute (DTI) now called Church Discipleship Ministry (CDM), a ministry that focuses exclusively on assisting pastors and churches to equip their people to bring in the harvest and to function as lay shepherds.

Intentional Discipleship
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Our Mission
“To train and equip church leaders and members to have passion for God and make disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Our Vision
“We envision churches that practice intentional disciple-making which promotes passion for God, compassion for the lost and spiritual reproduction.”

Our Core Values
These Core Values define who we are and fill everything we do, guiding our journey. We apply and pass on these values in context, in ways that keep them fresh and alive:

  1. Growing deeper in relationship with the Lord
  2. Reaching those without Christ in their context
  3. Raising up generations of disciples
  4. Partnering with pastors, church leaders, Navigator ministries and others in the Body of Christ
  5. Building grace communities and leadership teams

We Seek To…

Raise up workers who are disciple-makers. We aim to multiply the number of pastors and lay leaders committed and equipped to make disciples.

Establish a network of pastors and lay workers committed to disciplemaking. It is difficult to persevere in the ministry of disciplemaking without an encouragement of like-minded co-laborers. A network of pastor and lay leaders who learn from and encourage one another is a big help.

Facilitate the discipling movement in our country. We want to contribute to what the Spirit is doing in our country by sharing with churches what we have learned from long experience in small-group and one-on-one disciplemaking, and adapt those principles to their unique church context.