IDC Small GroupsAn intentional disciplemaking church emphasizes the Small Group environment as a critical part of the church. Small groups are where people experience community for growth and fruitfulness.

Groups can recruit and bond new people into the church.

They can establish and build new Christians into followers of Christ. And they can train and develop disciples to minister and serve most effectively.

Group Structures in the church are extremely important for the support of your church’s mission, values and vision.

Each type of group structure needs to be intentionally developed and aligned with the Mission of your church, especially Small Groups and Life-to-Life, as this is where the greatest level of intimacy, accountability and spiritual growth occurs in the church.
(Mid-size groups are equally important and strategies for them need to be developed that align them with your mission, values and vision, as well.)

Fruitfulness and intentionality in a church become a reality through the development of Relational Groups that support the church’s mission, values and vision, especially in the areas of Small Groups and Life-to-Life.

How is your church using Small Groups?

  1. Some form of small group ministry exists
  2. Model discipleship training groups have been established by leaders
  3. Training groups and other groups are interdependent and aligned with the mission of our church
  4. Discipleship training groups are consistently multiplying