IDC LeadershipLeadership is that component that empowers the entire process of Intentional Disciplemaking.

Leadership development ensures the on-going modeling of your church’s values in your leaders. This is so critical to the motivation of others. It also ensures the increasing skill level of your leaders that is so critical to effective leadership of others.

Leadership for an intentional disciplemaking church deals with developing a —

Leadership Profile. What does a mature leader look like, man or woman, in the areas of knowledge, character, skill and vision, in addition to the discipleship qualities already identified in the Maturity process.

Leadership Process. The development experiences for producing a leader need to be identified, put in place and supported by the church’s Relational Infrastructure, which includes a Leadership Community group.

  • A leadership Personal Development Plan needs to be developed, which facilitates a leader’s taking personal responsibility in his or her own development.
  • Advanced Bible Study skills also need to be addressed for the development of convictions in the life of a leader. This segment will be developed through Advanced Bible Study skills in studying the book of 1 Thessalonians.

How is your church doing in developing its leaders?

  1. Someone on the leadership team champions the disciplemaking process
  2. The primary role of leadership is prayer and the ministry of the Word (Acts 6)
  3. Intentional leadership process is in place, equipping emerging leaders
  4. Generations of leaders are using their gifts to equip the church