Intentional Discipleship

Intentional Discipleship Church (IDC) Process

Discipleship is a process of growth. It is a lifelong pursuit of following Christ. Many churches want to make disciples but don’t have the empowering environment or the resources. CDM has identified nine components that are essential for discipleship to take place in successive generations.

We invite you to utilize our tools and resources as your church pursues intentional disciplemaking.

Our resources may be utilized individually, or experienced in a comprehensive process which is tailored to the distinctives of your church.

IDC Components

Foundation. Pray, Team and Assess make up the Foundation. It is absolutely vital that these dynamics be in place to begin and to sustain an effective process of Intentional Disciplemaking in the church.

Mission. The conceptual component of the IDC Process that brings disciplemaking into the centrality of what the church does.

Spiritual Maturity. A picture, a profile, and definition of what a mature disciple of Jesus Christ looks like including the process and materials.

Outreach. A comprehensive church implementation of individual and group evangelism strategies that are facilitated by church group infrastructure resulting in fruit.

Leadership. A picture, a profile of what a disciplemaking leader of Jesus Christ looks like including the process and materials for developing the leader.

Small groups. – The small group environment is a critical part of the church. Small groups are where people experience community for growth and fruitfulness.

Life-to-life. The practice of giving away your life to others from the overflow of your relationship with Christ. by investing in them through your walk with God, from the Scriptures.