Who We AreThe Navigators is an international Christian organization that is committed to helping people deepen their relationship with God. Our staff invest time with people to study the Word, deepen prayer life, commit Scripture to memory and live it!

‘To know Christ and make Him known’ is a phrase deeply-etched within a Navigator’s heart. This defines our focus and methods. For more than forty years in the Philippines, we have been at constant work in evangelism, discipleship, church strengthening, and building bible-centered communities in various sectors of the Filipino society. By teaching people to pass on the same Christian ideals to people within their natural settings, within their sphere of influence, spiritual generations are produced and propagated.

Evangelism and discipleship marks our ministries in the context of natural flow of daily experience at work and at home. Various programs are designed and improved constantly in order to reach individuals and groups in different parts of the Philippine population. As servants, we facilitate, coach and mentor our contacts.