IDC MissionAt the heart of the church is its Mission – What has God called your church to do? What is the aim or mission of your church; what are your core beliefs to guide you; what relational group structures are needed to support your beliefs; and what is your vision for the future?

Mission deals with —

  • Purpose – To glorify God
  • Mission – Proclaim the Gospel and make disciples
  • Values – The passionate, core beliefs and assumptions
  • Vision – Your dream or a picture of where you are going and the Relational Structures to support your values

These four aspects of Mission need to be clearly developed, understood, communicated and owned, or embraced, to be of significance to the church and guide its direction.

The Mission Component addresses all of these issues and facilitates the leaders in the development of each including: Mission, Core Values and Vision, including Relational Group Structures (by Relational Group Structures we are referring to large groups, mid-size groups, small groups and life-to-life).
Where is your church in understanding it’s mission?

  1. Some are passionate and practicing the Great Commandment and Great Commission
  2. Leadership is committed to and modeling disciplemaking
  3. Clear mission, core values and vision with relational structures are in place to support them
  4. Entire church is functioning around the mission of making disciples