Whoe We Are

Philippine Navigators Unified Ministry Direction

“We envision loving communities and laborers living out and proclaiming the Gospel of God’s Kingdom, leading to the transformation of hearts and lives, families and nations, from one generation to another”

We seek to bring the Scriptural teaching and principle into the daily conversations and experiences of people—for that is a non-negotiable essential for maturing in faith and wisdom. What we envision is not merely formation of small bible study groups, but loving and vibrant biblical communities multiplying across the country, living out the truths learned in the Scripture and navigating life with Christ at the helm. Small biblical communities that met in homes marked the life of the first believers.

People need Christ-centered examples of individuals and families as well as develop skills in sharing, discipling, and practical service so they can be a positive influence to their families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and to society as a whole.