IDC Life-to-lifeBy life-to-life we mean —
The practice of giving away your life to others from the overflow of your relationship with Christ by investing in them through your walk with God, from the Scriptures and from your life and ministry experiences, in ways that encourage and enable them to invest their lives in others also. An intentional disciplemaking church realizes that personal involvement is key to authentic life-change.

Jesus, his disciples, and the early church used this approach. Kingdom principles became real and alive to people through these life-to-life mentoring relationships.

Our staff will assist you in understanding and effectively employing this mentoring process in your church.

How is life-to-life ministry developing in your church?

  1. Some are practicing life-to-life ministry with positive observable results
  2. Life-to-life discipleship is modeled by the leadership
  3. Second generation believers are involved in life-to-life discipleship
  4. Majority of members are in discipling relationships and are seeing third generational fruit