UPD-Ateneo Navigators Ministry – video by Ina Flores

Collegiate Ministry
Tomorrow’s business, government, and organizational leaders will come from today’s college students. On campuses–where vices and corrupted worldviews often take the place of biblical values and wise judgment–Navigator staff draw students back to Spiritual Disciplines. We encourage a regular time for prayer, Bible study, and sharing. With spiritual maturity comes greater commitment, responsibility, and morally sound choices.

UPLB Navigators Ministry – throwback video by Mike Pua

High School Ministry
We lay biblical foundation among the youth, so they may become Godly influencers and prime movers on campuses, in their families, and their communities. Most of our youth come from families that lack solid biblical values, some are from dysfunctional environments. Navigator staff members don’t just provide programs but personal attention, inviting them into their homes, modeling Christian relationships.