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Thankful I Was There | Global Day in Prayer

by Racquel Alfonso

It was a day before my birthday. I thought it was just an ordinary DIP (Day in Prayer). Somehow my mind was so occupied with stress (with Din-Din’s school activities and graduation day rehearsals in particular), finances, household chores that were left behind, etc. I was also pressured/burdened with my Tatay’s condition. He was rushed to the intensive care unit last December, and despite his unpredictable condition, they thought I was courageous enough to handle the situation. Our two daughters were left in the house, and we went to Philrice with my burdened heart. As we started sharing and reflecting on Isaiah 61, my tears began to fall. I couldn’t resist it. My heart was totally struck by His word. “What am I doing, Lord?” I cried out as I asked forgiveness for my attitude of burdening myself and keeping on trying to fix things on my own. I really felt God as we prayed that day. My spirit renewed, my heart relaxed, and my mind was at peace. Oh, how I love to stay at that moment with the Lord.

The Lord has anointed me (Isaiah 61). Crying to the Lord, I asked myself what I was doing. I know that my service to God is not enough yet He has anointed me to do so. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted and to proclaim freedom for the captives. But at times, I’m exhausted. I’m the prisoner of my own concerns and burden. To comfort all who mourn, but my heart is crying and asking God to comfort me. The joy of praying, listening to God, and praying for others washed away my burdens. My heart was singing and praising God for the opportunity He has given me, the promises He gave us mentioned in Isaiah 61. I humbly give all my thoughts to Him, what’s in my mind and in my heart—everything in me I poured out to Him. I’m too shy that at times I am overpowered by burdens and stressful things. That moment, I felt God’s love embraced me. Praying for others is not only an opportunity, it’s a blessing that I should not take for granted. If everyone could pray in unity, I can imagine that our world would be like paradise where love, justice, unity, and orderliness are ours to enjoy.

Sharing with the group with openness also gave me strength and encouragement, especially when Kuya Kim talked about his experiences. Truly, in my heart I am proud and blessed to be part of this global day of prayer, praying for people who you really don’t know personally, praying for countries and places where I never been, but knowing that we’ve done what others cannot do, that is to take time to pray sincerely with our heart and lift them up to our Lord.

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