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Thankful I Was There | Araneta University Navigators Reunion

Araneta University Reunion

Araneta University Reunion

by Elvira “Bing” Santos Medrano

The best of memories cannot be easily erased by time or distance. Many of us still remember clearly how we met the Lord Jesus Christ in a personal way. Such an encounter for me is still deeply etched in my heart even if it happened some 36 years ago. It ushered a spiritual journey that somehow enriched a world filled with very special people, led by one of the most dreaded Math instructors at the Araneta University (AU) whom I fondly called Nanay—Ana Pascua (now Victolero).

As I write, so many faces and names come to mind, all special people during my university years. But special as they were then, I kept wondering in my heart, “Where are they now?” The realities of life kept us all apart and completely out of touch. During those early years after college, communication was too hard to keep. Time passed by, and as my family grew to include five wonderful children, the prospect of seeing these special people became an impossibility.

But with God, nothing is impossible. He has a way of making things happen, in a way that is perfectly beautiful and honors Him. His ways may include the wonders of technology like the mobile phones and the Internet, plus of course His wonderful works in the lives of these special people. Thus, the AU Nav Reunion last April 20 and 21 was hatched and led by the very people who became part of my exciting spiritual journey.

When I heard about the reunion, I assured myself that I would be available regardless of financial challenges and the distance between Davao and Tagaytay City. God did not only make me go, He also allowed my husband and two of my children to join me. The reunion was beyond my wildest imagination, and how my heart skipped a beat out of excitement with every encounter of a familiar face. Of course, all the white hair, expanded hips, and extended bellies among us did not at all deter us from recognizing the smiles, voices, and hugs of the olden days.

What an amazing moment to see that despite the passage of time and beyond what each one had been through in life, one thing remained—the Living God in our hearts. As I sat and chatted with everyone, the joy I felt inside me made me realize how much I have really missed my brothers and sisters in the Navigator ministry. Singing old favorites, telling our stories, and listening to God’s Word together brought back memories of how many times we tried to sneak out from Nanay Ana just because we didn’t want to attend the Bible study meetings.

Indeed, the two-day reunion was never enough for all of us to catch up with each other, but I can’t thank God enough for this blessed time together, granting us all the chance to see His faithfulness in the life of each one. What an amazing God! Now I know that no matter the time and the distance, the AU Navigators of the past were really never away from each other. With God in our hearts, we are and will always be connected.

Here’s to the next AU Nav Reunion! Till me meet again, my very special people!

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