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Relief and Rebuilding Efforts | Tacloban

Tacloban was one of the hardest hit areas on the country, with the entire area decimated and practically leveled to the ground.

Despite having no established roots or ministry in the area, we have, by God’s grace, been able to the relief and rebuilding efforts, which has blossomed into a ministry. A huge part of the relief and rebuilding efforts of the Philippine Navigator ministry is centered around this city.

In this section, we offer you firsthand accounts from a Nav alumnus who experienced the harrowing ordeal of the typhoon. You will also hear from a young professional,  one of the first few who volunteered during the initial wave of help sent to Tacloban.

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Rogelio Serrano, Araneta University Alumnus

Ryan Cubilao, Cebu Navigators Young Professional

Most importantly, we give focus on what has transpired since—what we’ve accomplished in the past four months, who we’ve have reached out to, and long-term programs we look forward to continuing.

Journeying with Yolanda Survivors in Tacloban, Kevin Desabelle

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