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PhilNav’s Unified Ministry Direction (2018-2022) Is Aligned to Asia Pacific Navigators’ Faith Directions 2018-2027

Unless the Lord will Work…

For a Catholic country like the Philippines we didn’t know that only 7% of the people in Asia Pacific are Christians.  With this huge task before us we can honestly say that unless the Lord who will move, our work will be insignificant.  It is important therefore that our eyes are fixed on Jesus.

Asia Pacific Faith Direction Statement

After five days of praying and processing the promises of God, our Core and our past 10-year faith direction the the 87 participants from more than 20 countries of the Asia Pacific, came out with the following draft of our Faith Direction for the Next 10 years (2018-2027). We said…

We believe God would have us advance the gospel of Jesus and His kingdom into the nations of Asia-Pacific through spiritual generations of labourers living and discipling among the lost.

In line with our Navigator Calling, Values and Vision, we want to be people who are dependent on God and who rely on the Word for all of life. We believe God would have us bring special focus to the following areas over the next 10 years …

# 1 Advance the gospel through more lifelong laborers in all parts of society

Ordinary people in all stages of life
Communities of laborers (transformational, missional, communal, generational)
Cities, religious and ethnic mainstreams, poor & marginalized, campuses
families and relational networks

# 2 Advance the Gospel through pioneering into new contexts

new people groups within our countries
new people groups in new countries
new campuses
through partnering

# 3 Advance the Gospel through the development of more Pioneers, Laborers, Local Leaders, and Mobile Alongsiders

development in character, vision, skills
nurturing a heart for people and the nations
development in handling the Word

PhilNavs is aligned to AP Faith Direction

Our AP Faith Direction did not change significantly it is still focused on ALL TYPES OF LABORERS and COMMUNITY OF BELIEVERS who can advance the Gospel and His Kingdom into all strata of societies of all nations. Laborers with different gifts united as a community  with Jesus as the Leader and advancing the Kingdom into the rest of 93% of the population of Asia Pacific region.

We also rejoice that our Unified Ministry Direction is very much aligned with the Asia Pacific Faith Direction. We just need to add the PARTNERSHIP with other countries as we advance His Kingdom into the new people groups (nations) into the new countries.

Possible Partnership with Fiji

For our possible partnership, I spent time with the Fiji National Director and his partner, the National Defense Minister of Fiji are inviting us to help them with their campus ministry. One or two PhilNavs staff will be visiting Fiji twice a year for one month stay to help set-up their campus ministry.  After two years we might send a campus staff as missionary to Fiji. Fiji is very strategic among the group of Island-Countries in the Pacific because it is now the Regional Educational hub of these groups of Island where future leaders of each Island are studying.

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