Our Mandate “Raise-up generations of leaders living and discipling among the lost”.

As Navigators, we believe that this is our calling. Therefore, every decision we make, every training we give and every program we pursue (including the three major thrusts of the Philippine Navigators) must be aligned with this mandate. The labourers that we raise and develop (capacity-building) must be equipped to evangelize and establish the lost (ministry expansion). To fulfil these two, we need funds (generation of funds).

Here’s an update on what the Author of the Mandate accomplished on each thrust:

Capacity Building
As of December, 2015, we have 300 facilitators/leaders and another 279 are undergoing training to do the Navigator 3 E’s, which are strategic in advancing the kingdom of God into the nations. Few of these laborers are full-time staff. Majority are laymen who are either employed or engaged in business. They are naturally connected to, living and discipling their network of relationships with the Gospel of Christ and influencing them with kingdom values. Thus the international Navigator vision aptly describes them as workers of the kingdom “next door to everywhere”.

To enhance their capacity as people-helpers, seminars on “Hermeneutics and Exegesis” and “Changes That Heal” were conducted last May and August, respectively.

Dr. Roy Verzosa, Cebu Nav alumnus now director of Project Apollos, stressed the importance of studying the Word of God accurately so as to preach it adequately. He provided instruction in the principles and practice of hermeneutics with emphasis on the importance and challenges of Biblical interpretation. He admonished the participants to “rightly handle and skilfully teach the Word of Truth.” based on 2 Timothy 2:15 and following the example of Ezra (Ezra 7:10).

Capacity building


Greg and Hannah Haskell, former Navigator missionaries in the Philippines now based in the US, guided the participants through the discussion of the basic tasks of becoming mature image-bearers of God: bonding to others, separating from others, sorting out good and bad in ourselves and others and becoming an adult. They facilitated the identification of the problems that could result when one fails to accomplish those tasks and the changes one has to make to bring about healing. A bonus discussion on Boundaries provided precautions against abuse.

Capacity building 2

Some other capacity builders done in the region were seminars on “Coaching”, “Leader Development”, “Understanding and Counseling Adolescents”, “Spiritual Gifts”. In the local areas, disciples are raised through group Bible studies, Discipleship in Depth and man-to-man times.

Ministry Expansion

With some set-backs, we are generally encouraged how the national and regional initiatives have helped advance His kingdom into the nations through Filipino Nav teachers in Indonesia reaching out to their local students; Filipino Nav missionaries in 4 South East Asian countries and another one in East Asia; volunteers and teachers in high schools leading Bible studies among their students; pockets of Bible studies among friends and officemates of Nav alumni.

Geographically, we are expanding towards Bicol area, Sugod in Leyte, Tagbilaran in Bohol, Korondadal-Polomolok-General Santos in South Cotabato, Butuan City in Agusan Del Norte, Bacnotan and Tagudin in region 1.

Capacity building 3

Usually, Youth Development Facilitators are assigned in campuses but now a YDF is ministering among ethnic people in Taguig and a Nav Kid will serve as YDF starting February with Emmaus Journey, a Nav Catholic ministry in the parish.

Plans are being firmed up to locate and minister to Nav alumni working abroad.  It has been suggested as part of orientation to develop missionary mind-set among those planning or preparing to be OFWs.

Generation of Funds
Since the three-year fundraising program named Project 54 ends in December this year, the fundraising team  decided to lower the target from P27 million down to P5 million. Funds are slowly coming in through different means. Majority comes from the pledges of the staff. Some came from regional programs such as “Lugaw for a Cause” in Davao, sacrificial dinner in Metro Manila, Los Banos and Cebu and movie block screening in Metro Manila.

Project 54 pic


On top of the traditional presentation of needs to potential ministry partners, the FR team came up with T-shirt printing and considered some out of the box fund generation programs. So a consultation on Kingdom Enterprise was held. Upon the presentation of the results during the staff general assembly, a consensus has been reached to have Cebu ministry model enterprises in pursuit of the advancement of the kingdom.

There is an on-going discussion on “Spirituality of Fund Raising” to deepen convictions and develop right attitude towards the Lord’s resources.

A big chunk of the ministry budget was unexpectedly cut with some local area leaders providing student centers near high schools out of their own expense.

We praise God for faithful partners like these stakeholders and you, our dear friends, who continue to inspire us, intercede for us, support us and co-labor with us as we fulfill His mandate.
Thankful for your partnership in His calling,
(Kuya/Tito/Lolo) Eseng Victolero


  1. Vieng Wong says

    Hello Eseng, My name is Vieng Wong and I live and labor at UC Berkeley, CA. I am an independent evangelist and discipler and I am a personal friend of Ron York and Peter and Gwisook Hong (I was trained by them living at their home for a year in 2004). I had been a Navigator staff for several years and planted a college Nav ministry in the east coast in College Park Maryland from 1993-1997., where I first met Peter Hong, who served in the Philippines for several years. I will be in the metro Manila area for a friends wedding on June 23 to about July 3rd of 2016. My wife Sally and I are currently looking for an economical place to stay as well as some very short term ministry serving assignment we can do in the area of evangelism or service to the poor for a few days we will be there after the wedding on June 25. Can you please give us any tips in that area or refer us to anyone who might be able to help us. Thanks and God bless, Vieng

  2. Erjai Pacanza says

    Thank you very much for sharing us englishTagalog Bible. It is truly a huge help for me and my family to understand the Holy Word of God.

    May the Lord our God bless you all…
    In the mighty name of JESUS!!! Amen.

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