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Miracles Still Happen

by Eseng Victolero

Malou Serrano Trinidad grew up in a religious environment. As young as six years old, she started reading Bible stories in comics, attended church regularly, and officiated the mock communion of neighbor kids. Charity was her way of life, and spirituality was part of their family system. The gospel became clearer to her when she came to know the Lord personally through her Trigonometry instructor at the University of the Philippines Cebu in 1981.

Malou with Fellow Cebu UP Navs Batchmates

Malou with Fellow Cebu UP Navs Batchmates

Her faith in the Lord grew through weekly bible study, discipline in scripture memory, and regular time in prayer. God has proven His faithfulness to her simple wishes and prayers: leading her to a grassy canal to find her lost earring, a dressed chicken for her mom’s birthday brought by a neighbor’s dog, holding her first Php 100,000 and later her first Php 1 million, healing for her eldest who had 50-50 chance of living on his 1st month, protection from a car accident for her second, and survival of her youngest who was born with a hole in her heart. She considers faithfulness to spiritual disciplines she learned from the Navigators and her personal experiences with the Lord foundational in her life and ministry today.

She and her husband Raul do ministry together. They lead small groups among parishioners, do home visitations, and use their house as a venue to serve those who need them. One time, they befriended a “taong grasa”. At first, he was untouchable but later on won his trust. Raul bathed him, fed him, and provided him a space to sleep in their garage. Before he finally left, he heard the gospel and became emotionally better.
Malou with Her Family

Malou with Her Family

Malou with Her Family

When asked what motivated selfless ministry to others, she said, “It is because I am filled to overflow!” She added that mentors from the Navigators helped her and Raul tirelessly. Raul batted in and said, “Malou loves God and loves the Word of God!”

Please pray for:

  1. Wisdom and creativity as they do ministry in the parish
  2. Good health for Malou and the whole family
  3. Quality time to revise and finish her second book

Malou Serrano Trinidad was one of the first National Trainees (old name for Youth Development Facilitator). She was assigned in Tuguegarao, Cagayan, with Mon and Nelrie De Leon, Navigator field staf.

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