NLT Updates Poster - Randy Bandonill

NLT Updates from Randy Bandonill – January 2023

Let us hear encouraging messages and announcements from Randy Bandonill on this January 2023 episode of NLT Updates. For years 2023-2027, Randy Bandonill is part of the PhilNavs NLT (National Leadership Team) along with Jaime Hernandez Jr. (as chairman) and Soc Arzadon.

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NLT Updates from Jaime Hernandez Jr. – January 2023

  Jaime Hernandez Jr. greets everyone with the January 2023 episode of National Leadership Team Updates.   Three staff constitute the PhilNavs National Leadership Team (NLT) for 2023 – 2027. Jaime Hernandez Jr. (chairman) Randy Bandonill Soc Arzadon

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