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Bantayan Island | Norieta Limpangog, Young Professional

I’ve always been amazed with how God shapes us and molds us in his glorious image and likeness. Being a frontliner during Bantayan rebuilding project was such a great honor. And with it came the much-prized learning and experiences that I will treasure for a lifetime, plus the opportunity to extend our time, kindness, and love to the families and to our covolunteers.

I am inspired with how God loves us unconditionally. It is durin this project that I learned the value of extending unconditional kindness. It made me realized that I/we should be thankful to God for being so kind to us that even in our unworthiness he still gives his only son to save and redeem us.

All throughout the project, I also learned that prayer should not be neglected in our daily lives. There were moments that we were so engrossed with worldly things that we forgot to pause a while and pray. Prayer indeed moves mountains and makes the impossible possible. I will never forget our last night together when we had nothing to sleep on, but God gave us kindhearted people who were willing to adopt us in their homes and made our sleep so comfortable.

Above everything else is the formation of a relationship with each and every one of us in this journey. We might not have had enough time to bond, but deep in our hearts, I know that somehow we have touched each other’s lives. I feel so blessed to be a blessing to others and to be also blessed by them. J Leaving my family behind during the season of family get-togethers was all worth it! It epitomized the true meaning of Christmas and servanthood—leaving everything behind, even the comfort of our own homes, just to follow what God wants us to do.

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