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Bantayan Island | Armando Taneo, Student Volunteer

It has always been one of my short-term goals to visit every place in Cebu and to stay there for at least a night. Lucky for me, and opportunity presented itself to me. The DOST sa CTU Association together with the Cebu Navigators Ministry were looking for volunteers for their outreach program in Bantayan Island that was intended for my fellow scholars affected by Typhoon Yolanda . So without hesitation, I volunteered, knowing it was one way for me to check off visiting a place in Cebu all the while being a part of a very good cause.

On our way to Bantayan, I could still see the horror that Yolanda caused in the northern part of Cebu even though a month had already passed. Houses were no longer able to provide shelter, electricity was still not restored, and trees were uprooted everywhere. I wanted to do my part and help, but I didn’t have any means to.

In Bantayan, I could clearly see the devastation, but I kept in mind that we were not there to pity them; instead we were there to help them. I am not a handyman by nature and fieldwork doesn’t really suit me, but I did the best I could to help in the construction of Bertche’s house and in the repair of Rosemay’s house. Together with the Cebu Navigators young professionals who went with us, took care of us volunteers, and made sure we were fed, we were able to finish what we went there to do.

I am truly grateful to Cebu Navs not only for giving me the opportunity to help and realize a part of my goal but also for helping my fellow scholar. More Power!

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