Jun and Merlie Espiritu

Personal and Ministry Background:

Jun grew up a in Christian and missionary family and committed his life to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord during his highschool days. Back then, he was followed-up and trained by Philip Flores and other Navigator staff. After highschool he studied at Febias Bible College, and went on to take a course on Bible and Theology at the Illawarra Bible College in New South Wales, Australia.

Serving with the Navigators at present is a realization of God’s call for him to go full time in ministering the Word. He is currently ministering to local churches in different parts of the Philippines, and a couple of other countries.
He has been married to his beautiful wife, Merlie, for 30 years and have three adult sons–Michael, Joseph and Lester.

Ministry Involvement
Main Assignment:
Church Discipleship Ministry (CDM) Trainer/Coordinator/Consultant

CDM Vision: We envision churches that practice intentional disciple-making which promotes passion for God, compassion for the lost and spiritual reproduction.
CDM Mission: To train and equip church leaders and members to have passion for God and make disciples of Jesus Christ.
CDM Job Description: 1. To help churches make intentional disciple-making process a vital part of their ministry through continuing and in-depth training seminars; 2. To help churches that’s desirous to start campus outreach ministry in their areas.

Please consider partnering with Jun and Merlie as they dedicate their lives to the expansion of God’s Kingdom in the Philippines and beyond.

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