Gene and Glo Veruasa

Personal and Ministry Background:

Glo and I are both Navigator babies. I came to know the Lord through Ed Cvelich, an International Trainee who was assigned in Araneta University. Glo received Christ after a Navigator lady in her office shared the gospel to her. In 1983, I worked at the Navigators Office as an accountant. Glo worked as the secretary the following year.
In 1988, Glo and I were assigned to minister to the students in Central Philippine University, Iloilo City. We helped the college students and later pioneered the high school ministry there. We also served as youth workers in the church that started as a small Bible study of the first Navigator contacts in Iloilo City.
We moved to Los BaƱos, Laguna in 1996 to start the high school ministry. Together with a Singaporean international trainee, we reached out to the Christian School International. Two years later, we started helping students of University of the Philippines Rural High School. Besides the regular Bible studies, we volunteered as values formation teachers and chapel hour speakers at Christian School International. Most of the students’ fellowships and birthday celebrations are held in our home. McDonald’s also became a venue for our small group Bible studies and evangelism. McDonalds is very close to the university and most students hang out there during free time.

Ministry Involvement

Tennis Court Bible Study
Every Thursday at 5:00 AM, we meet the Sunrisers’ tennis players for Bible Study. The group is composed of retired professors, mostly with doctorate degrees. Two of them commented that they only came to know the Bible from our weekly study. We are truly encouraged by their desire to learn. Whenever we are not available, we have two leaders who facilitate the discussion.

Catholic Couple for Christ and Neighbors
In order to reach out the mainstream, Glo nand I join the Catholic’s group for couples. We meet two other couples for prayer and Bible discussion regularly. We also started to befriend our two neighbors. They honored us by making us godparents of their children. We pray for opportunity to invite them for a Bible discussion.

Alalay Foundation Scholars
Every first Staurday of the month, Glo and I meet the students of Alalay Foundation. They are around seventy students from public high schools and colleges.

Navigator Office
Two days a week, I go to the Navigators Office to help the Accounting System. I also enjoy ministering by practicing my professional skills as an accountant.

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