Prayer Bulletin – October 2022

Issue No. 22 • October 2022

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

Prayer is beyond any question the highest activity of the human soul. Man is at his greatest and highest when upon his knees he comes face to face with God. – Martyn Lloyd-Jones


Prayer Requests

I. National Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for love, unity and renewed zeal for the Lord among all Nav staff and contacts in pursuing our UMD.
  2. Pray for humility before the Lord and with one another as we serve the Lord together.
  3. Thank God for all the prayer and financial supporters of the Navigator ministry. May the Lord wonderfully bless them in all aspects and grant them remarkable success
  4. We are raising up funds (1M) for fencing and simple structure on donated property in Cagayan de Oro and Davao City.
  5. Overseers (Eseng, Randy, Ed Amper, Wency and Ronnie) – ability to focus on developing others as servant leaders in leading local areas
  6. More leaders for each region.
  7. Protection for Ronnie and Glo as they visit different local areas all around the country
  8. Provision for relief and rehabilitation of Odette affected areas
  9. Provision for the development of Davao and CDO ministry lots (600 and 1,000 sq meters)
  10. God’s mighty hand in the selection process for the next national leadership (2023 – 2027) by September 30 — the structure and the right person/people.
  11. Divine wisdom and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading for the Selection Committee members as they process and interview candidates.
  12. God-glorifying/Christ-centered General Assembly of Navs and CHAI on October 29, and Philnavs National Conference on Oct 30 – Nov 1, 2022.

With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may count you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith. 2 Thessalonians 1:11



A. South Luzon (SL)

  1. growth in faith of all people involved in SL Navs (Los Baños, San Pablo, Tagaytay, Tanauan, Tiaong, Alaminos) & CHAI (Milaor, Naga, Bacacay, Tabaco) as all staff and members continue to practice whole-life;
  2. laborers who will take over leadership roles in the Navs and CHAI as current staff-in-charge get older
  3. God’s will as Los Baños Navs chooses the next leadership team for next year
  4. more prayer partners and faithful givers for the ministry and personal needs of staff/volunteers;
  5. deep commitment to know more about God for the members of evangelistic bible studies (community, college students; couples), application of lessons learned and victory against the work of the devil
  6. Gene & Glo Veruasa. Pray for –
    a. the mothers and youth in Villegas community to apply in their lives the lessons learned from bible studies and be good examples in the neighborhood;
    b. wisdom and perseverance of this schoolyear’s senior high and college students;
    c. godly wisdom for the young parents (Vic & Michelle, Angel & Haira, Gimo & Joyce, and Richard & Dannah) as they nurture their children;
    d. God’s healing from depression for Ester and Ruth; pray for them to finish their thesis;
    e. God to touch the hearts of our relatives’ SBC in Tanauan, for them to understand the good news. Pray for good health for the two senior aunts and Lally, single mom/bread winner in the family;
    f. wisdom in facilitating D4D lessons with the brethren in San Pablo, together with the dela Viñas
  7. Danny and Connie Carigma. Pray for –
    a. Danny’s full recovery from prostectomy;
    b. good health for the whole family;
    c. adjustment of 2 grandkids as they stay with the family in Los Baños;
    d. opportunities of flexible work-from- home jobs for Len;
    e. Praise the Lord for the opportunity of ministering to their relatives;
    f. fruitful ministry of key couple (Josie & Edgar Mercado) in Parklane community, Cavite.
  8. Jun and Merlie Espiritu – for fruitful mission month in GCF South Metro
  9. Rico & Lea Albano – Commitment of leaders in San Pablo Church in the D4D training every Sunday afternoon
  10. Romy & Luz Hernandez – Thank God for BS groups in Sannera Homes Subd, San Pablo, Luz’s students and Sunlife Managers (ladies), pls pray for deeper relationship with God, seeking to be more like Christ; Pls pray for –
    a. God’s provision for Romy’s medicine;
    b. protection for Lemuel, Jemuel & Faith as they drive;
    c. God-glorifying home for our family, to continually be a blessing & living testimony in the neighborhood
  11. Ed & Jen Matundan
    a. Praise God for His weekly provision in the ministry;
    b. good health for our children and friends serving as channels of blessings to both ministry and family;
    c. Pray for God’s intervention on our scheduled activities for community outreach at San Benito and San Nicolas.
  12. Rudy and Edna Nuarin – Pray that SBCs in Sta Monica, San Pablo will grow in their faith and commitment to serve God
  13. Dan & Angie Narciso (CHAI CamSur)

    Praise God for –
    a. the continuing growth among the youth leaders in their relationship with Him,
    b. calling laborers into His harvest field.

    Pls pray –
    a. that God will raise laborers among the parents and for their maturity with regards to their relationship with God,
    b. the CamSur CHAI/D4D team to work together in communities
  14. Team Tabaco (CHAI Albay – Renz & Maeden, Reyan & Arlene, Joe, Luigie)
    a. provisions of finances and healing (physical and emotional) for the laborers, community members, and PLC leaders in Tabaco city and Bacacay, Albay;
    b. spiritual growth of all volunteers and their families, adults, youth, kids;
    c. commitment of local leaders in the training program for ministry responsibilities and life skills
  15. good health and provisions for the family of Loloy & Nhidz Aparato in Mindoro
  16. guidance in the jobs of professionals/working people in SL (Los Baños, San Pablo, Tagaytay, Tanauan, Tiaong, Alaminos, Milaor, Naga, Bacacay, Tabaco), some still work-from-home, others face-to-face, some blended;
  17. Cris and Dothy – Pray for wisdom in applying D4D principles in the community and protection of everyone from many forces;
  18. Lawrence Uy and Lala Pasion –
    a. guidance in the studies, spiritual growth, and commitment to disciple others for the college students in their SBCs;
    b. wisdom from God in thoughts, words, and actions;
    c. discernment of God’s will about their careers
  19. Rona and Marvin Agustin– God-glorifying home as they build a family; success in business endeavors; opportunities for ministry among students
  20. Rene and Ada Vega – Pray for wisdom as they plan to build comfortable and cost-effective house for home and ministry.
  21. Wency and Cel dela Viña
    a. continue to unselfishly serve the people they are ministering to;
    b. Healing of grandniece Loreen from leukemia;
    c. wisdom for their children as they make decisions in life
  22. for everyone involved in different ministry areas to minister with the full armor of God fully aware that we are not fighting against humans but against spiritual beings (Eph 6)
  23. commitment to always have a God-glorifying home for the Acordas, Agustins, Anonuevos, Batos, Carigmas, Dela Viñas, Junsays, Logronios, Madrids, Manalos, Mercados, Merles, Tagalogs, Tuanos, Vegas, and Veruasas
  24. revival of campus ministry in Los Baños as students return to their schools for face-to-face learning



A. Western Visayas

  1. 🙏 Please pray that many students will come and be interested to join to have Bible Study. Many will come to know the Lord as they come and have a good fellowship to one another
  2. 🙏 Pray for the YP and students for courage and boldness to proclaim and share the Good News. Where ever they are and whatever the situation and opportunity to share the love of the Lord to their fellow students
  3. 🙏 To do an evangelism for at least twice or three times a week as an exposure to the new contacts in sharing the gospel inside and outside their campuses
  4. 🙏 pray for discernment as we lead the youth for Bible study and they will grow deeper in their walk with God
  5. 🙏 Same mind, heart and goal to share the Good News to the lost students in the campus.
  6. 🙏 Pray for Kaira, Joana, Clerk Jan, and Dash Ivan) as they grow and join in Bible study and have a discipleship studies May God will protect their time and commitment in learning and studying the Bible.
  7. 🙏 that God will move the hearts of the alumni here in Iloilo for fellowship. May they listen to God intently, and actively get involved in reaching out their fellow alumni
  8. 🙏 Pray for unity among the staff and local leaders in the area. That as we depend on God pertaining everything, the joy and contentment as we persevere.
  9. 🙏 Pray for our Bible Study group that they will continue to hunger and thirsty for the Lord.
  10. 🙏. Pray for the members of their family to come to know the Lord and receive the Lord as their personal Lord and Saviour
  11. 🙏 Pray for our new converts to continue to come and they will be more interested to come for their schedule monthly fellowship starting this September
  12. 🙏 Unity for the newly elected officers as they plan and meet for their school activities and have an impact to the new members of the group. That they will be a good example to the campus and to the new members.
  13. 🙏 Please pray next week is their midterm examination. As the students prepare for their requirements in every subject, wisdom as the study and provisions they needed. And they will be able to accomplish everything that are required for them this semester.


B. Cebu

  1. Pray for the CebuNavs leadership team (Vic Marcojos, Noel Malinao, Bobet Caracut, Jerpri Medillo, Ramon Vios, Ammi Lopez, a few older CebuNavs alumni) to be growing in their personal intimacy with the LORD Jesus; that their personal and collective ministries be only an overflow of their own intimacy with the LORD Jesus; pray for growing unity of mind and heart, in pursuing the things that the LORD has specifically called us to do- to help raise up godly, Christ-centered laborers and disciplemakers, and to continue to pursue a God-glorifying and genuinely Christ-centered personal/family life.
  2. Strength, perseverance and joy for Vic Marcojos as he gives care and ride to Elen, his wife, who needs to be dialysed 3x a week. Pray for financial provisions for their increasing medical expenses. Praise God that in spite of their difficulties, they still engage in Cebu PLC.
  3. Pray for God’s complete and gracious healing upon Cindy Moreno (diagnosed with C) and for Ate Elen Marcojos (dialysis 2 times a week). Pray for their caregivers for strength, wisdom and joy in providing care for them. Pls pray the CebuNavs will grow to be a vibrant loving community through the process of extending support to our sisters during these trying times. Pls pray for financial provision.
  4. Pray for the Cebu PLC team to be able to visit Escalante, Negros Oriental to assist Maricon Elloran and the alumni living there to start a Nav ministry.
  5. Gretchen Ompad:
    a. Pray for spiritual growth of the contacts in Asinan Community
    b. Pray for provision for the students who want to pursue their studies in the university
    c. Pray for wisdom and guidance and direction of God regarding the community ministry.
  6. Ammi Lopez:
    a. Pls pray for God’s blessing and favor as she continues to influence her siblings, pamangkins and grandnieces and grandnephews for Christ. That she may be given wisdom, discernment and creativity in ministering to her family
    b. pray for the spiritual growth for everyone in her online bible studies, prayer times and fellowship
    c. wisdom, strength, perseverance and joy in the LORD as she functions as a witness for Christ in all her network of influence
  7. Pray with Sonnie Monsanto, as she plans to stay in CTU (Cebu Technological University) until age 65. CTU has been a source of BS contacts through her.
  8. Jerpri Medillo:
    a. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom, strength and growth in time management as he will be quite occupied due to his part-time teaching job at CTU; to be able to give enough time to all his responsibilities at home, his teaching job and the ministry
    b. Pls pray for more CebuNavs young professionals and alumni to be given the burden to help the campus ministry in Cebu
  9. Pray with Cebu PLC to encourage and challenge the older alumni to join the task the Almighty God has assigned to us.
  10. Pray for Noel Malinao – divine wisdom, strength, spiritual fortitude, perseverance and godly discernment as he functions as lead for the Visayas Navs in the meantime.




  1. Joyce will start recruiting participants for intervention for her dissertation. Pray 30 or more would be willing to participate and for continual support of the HR and ManCom of the hospital.
  2. Joseph Nacario is reviewing for the bar exam. Pls pray for wisdom, retentive memory and concentration. Pray for good health and protection for his family in Surigao while he stays in Davao City.
  3. Deah Carido, Abigail Capul, Myson Ramos, Justin Digamo and Arzil Jhean Bucog were recently promoted to the next level in medical school. Pls pray for wisdom, strength and protection from hospital-acquired sicknesses as they attend to their patients. Pray too increased capacity even as they still have exams to take and research to do on top of their hospital duties.
  4. The four SBCs that just finished the study of the Book of Romans are now studying the Kingdom of God in Matthew 3-7. Pls pray for deeper understanding and more meaningful application of Kingdom values leading to greater effectivity as ambassadors of the Kingdom. Pray for the other SBCs that take up different studies that every session would be enriching and transformational.
  5. As Lyre Espada-Murao continues to serve as Chancellor of UP Mindanao, pls pray that she would lead with integrity of heart and skillful hands (Psalm 78:72). Pray for wisdom and strength of character in managing people, making decisions and leading through some challenges.
  6. Some members of Davao SBCs hold supervisory/managerial positions in their companies. Pls pray for discernment and wise judgment in decision making.
  7. Cesar Adegue IV is long overdue for promotion to CHED directorship. He acknowledged God’s sovereignty for the delay. Pls pray God’s will would prevail over the evil intentions of men. Pray that in God’s perfect time and ways, he could serve as director at the place of God’s choice and for the welfare of his family.
  8. Many of the Davao young professionals are health workers (doctors, nurses, medtechs). Please pray for God’s special protection for them against COVID and all its variants.
  9. Public schools start F2F class. Pls pray for both the Nav teachers and students as they re-adjust. Some start class at 5:45 am. Pls pray for endurance and perseverance.
  10. Many working people in Davao have resumed reporting in their offices and their travels to remote areas as part of their jobs. Please pray for protection against covid for them, especially those that commute to work.
  11. For the Lord to continue to prosper the business ventures (dormitory, farm, WrapNHop, Dandoms, cakes and pastries, store/carinderia, construction, supplements, machineries, engineering services) of some Davao Navs and jobs of the working people (especially those that need to meet quota) despite the pandemic.
  12. Fred Nadela and the Bangkal team are planning to resume their Bible study among children. Pls pray for a conducive place to rent for their activities.
  13. The Southern Mindanao team is thinking of recruiting an alumna to start work among a certain religious group. Pls pray for God’s clear direction on this possibility.
  14. My family (composed of my mother, 7 siblings, 4 nieces, 1 nephew) and I have been studying the Scriptures together since the HQ of my brother’s family in 2021. Pls pray for spiritual growth of each member of the BS group and for the salvation of those not in BS yet.

Thank you very much for your ministry to us through prayers. God bless us all in our partnership in the expansion of His Kingdom.



A. Ukraine

• Please pray for the many brothers and sisters doing God’s work in Ukraine. There are numerous missionaries, and pastors and church leaders who are actively on the ground serving the Ukrainian people daily. Pray for their protection, and that they be able to freely continue serving God and the people around them. Pray that they would be unafraid and unashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation for those who believe, and that God would enable them to walk in His strength and stand firm against the evil that faces them now.

• Pray that in the face of fear, believers in Ukraine will find opportunities to hold out the Good News of Christ, who offers us perfect peace in a world that offers none. Acts 8:4 tells us, “Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.”  As it has in so many other times and places, may this time of unrest and persecution serve to ignite the Gospel in ways we can’t even imagine.

B. Mongolia – John Keller

Key Scriptures/Promises

Isaiah 60, 61: for God to raise up Oaks of Righteousness where seeds of life will come from them and advance the gospel.

Ministry Background

Mongolia is a small and sparsely populated country of about over 3 million people. Seventy-five percent of the population is congregated in 3 cities. It is a nomadic people with a long and rich history dating back to Chinggis Khaan. Spiritually, it is mostly Tibetan-Buddhist with strains of Shamanism. Many of the younger generation are nominal Buddhists or nothing. Christianity is approximately 1-2 percent.

Mongolia is in the pioneering-developing stage of ministry. We are seeing people respond to Jesus, but slowly. Men have been more difficult to reach. Economic opportunity is limited and many want to go overseas to study, live in work. It’s estimated that there are more Mongolians living outside of Mongolia than within.

Prayer Requests and/or Praises

  1. Our ministry is predominantly women and we are asking for God to reach more men. A result of this shortage of men is that the women marry non-believing men who draw them away from Jesus.
  2. For relational healing to take place. Mongolians in particular have difficulty facing and reconciling relationships. The result is a shame culture with much long-term bitterness. Please pray John 13:35
  3. Please pray for a foundational group called the “Laborer’s Team”, that they would take ownership of the ministry to heart, and that we’d see generations grow out from this group. We have seen this group dwindle in recent months.
  4. For God to rebuild this ministry and a new generation of leadership to emerge. We would love to see God raise up those who have a heart for the lost and especially among the university students in Ulaanbaatar (capital city).
  5. Since Jen and I no longer live in Mongolia, but oversee the ministry from the US, please pray that God gives us wisdom and capacity in our role as NDs from afar.

“Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits— who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” Psalm 103:1-5, NIV

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