Prayer Bulletin – October 2021

Issue No. 10 • October 2021

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

Prayer is beyond any question the highest activity of the human soul. Man is at his greatest and highest when upon his knees he comes face to face with God. – Martyn Lloyd-Jones


Prayer Requests

I. National Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for love, unity and renewed zeal for the Lord among all Nav staff and contacts in pursuing our UMD.
  2. Pray for humility before the Lord and with one another as we serve the Lord together.
  3. Thank God for all the prayer and financial supporters of the Navigator ministry. May the Lord wonderfully bless them in all aspects and grant them remarkable success.
  4. Comfort to those who lost their loved ones during this pandemic.
  5. Our Monthly Staff Meetings where we are revisiting the different ministry processes needed to pursue our calling of raising up laborers.
  6. We are raising up funds (1M) for fencing and simple structures on donated property in Cagayan de Oro and Davao City.

With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may count you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith. 2 Thessalonians 1:11



A. Northern Luzon (Baguio, La Trinidad, Cabanatuan, Munoz, Ilocos)

  1. Complete healing for our contacts who contracted COVID, and that there’s no long-COVID syndrome;
  2. Good health and God’s protection from COVID;
  3. For everyone to develop a strong prayer life, spiritual growth.

Val Alfonso

  1. Thankful for the recovery of Cris, Thess, CM from COVID.
  2. Healing from flu for Gemma Basa and her two kids
  3. Fruitful virtual BS for all our SBCs
  4. God’s continuous guidance and protection for family and constituents

Randy Bandonill

  1. Unity among staff as we focus on our role to provide direction among our constituents.
  2. One mind among councils/teams from different sub regions (CAR, Regions 1, 2 & 3). Being intentional to connect to the lost
  3. New young laborers will be developed and recruited;
  4. Good health for my family and protection from COVID and from the evil one.

Alma Villacarlos

  1. Good health, protection, spiritual growth for my loved ones, contacts and ministry partners;
  2. Good internet connectivity during Bible studies and meetings;
  3. God’s wisdom in meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of my family and contacts;
  4. Pray for Rhodz, who works in Japan, that her company will continue operating in the midst of this pandemic;
  5. Tourism will make a rebound so the hotel and travel industry will recover, for our contacts to be fully compensated again.
  6. Protection for contacts and foster children from PMA who are now young military officers.

Jun Andaya

  1. Fruitful ministry among senior citizens
  2. Good health, protection for family

Ben and Connie Lawagan

  • Good health and protection for family and contacts

Lawrence Esguerra

  1. Recovery from gout, also pray for a stable heart condition;
  2. Good health and protection from COVID for his family.

B. Metro Manila

  1. Healing for the following:
    1. Nathan & David Manubay
    2. Ana & husband
    3. Warren
    4. KBCF office staff
    5. Healing of Baby Zayne Chandria, daughter of Nicole- for proper diagnosis of the cause of her seizures, bacterial meningitis daw and for complete healing also pray for provision for medical expenses
  1. Comfort & Encouragement, Peace & Courage to move on in the midst of grief for the following:
    1. Manubay siblings,
    2. Ate Yolly & family,
    3. Arleen & Kye Honrade,
    4. Mila Loterinia & family,
    5. Gil & Jeanette Lademora & family,
    6. Susan & Chiqui Dizon & family

      Be thankful in all circumstances. This is what God wants from you in your life in union with Christ Jesus. 1 Th 5:18

  1. Work
    1. Blessings for online work of Sir Victor’s family also for John, Joel & Faye Saguit
    2. For all the teachers (back to school) – pray for wisdom & creativity as they handle virtual classes, stamina & good health, skill, resourcefulness & knowledge to make their work efficient
    3. For those in Antipolo community & all who need to take public transport to go to work- protection from Covid, strong immune system & to be always mindful of health protocols
    4. For those who lost their work due to this pandemic, that they will have enough healthy food & can still eat 3x a day, that they may find other ways to provide for their families. To see & value the resources that are God given already in their area
    5. For all the frontliners (doctors, nurses, attendants, medtechs, military, government officials, tanods, etc) courage to keep on serving in spite of their own fears & struggles- to find joy & peace in Jesus Christ
    6. Blessings & protection for all working to make stable food supply. For abundant harvest for farmers & stop the swine fever & other pestilence
  1. Witness & Testimony
  1. Jesus continued, “Does anyone ever bring in a lamp and put it under a bowl or under the bed? Isn’t it put on the lampstand? Mark 4:21

    1. Salvation of Sir Victor’s mother & other family members, good testimony to family dgroup & others
    2. For Benj & Migo to agree to meet via Zoom with Miguel & Sir Victor
    3. For the RTU students involved in Nav BS & Discipleship to continue to thirst & hunger for God & develop Biblical convictions & be willing to obey God no matter what. As they stay in their families, pray that they will be salt & light, that Christ be seen in their lives.
    4. For the Antipolo Community Leaders to be good witness & develop Biblical conviction to proclaim the Good News whenever & wherever possible, blessing others in the community
    5. For the on-going Bible studies and SBC’s & prayer groups to flourish all the more
    6. Protection from the evil one, some families are living in disunity and not embracing love
    7. For all the believers & followers of the Lord Jesus to make use of the multimedia & to intentionally reach out to lost loved ones, relatives, friends & neighbors- to boldly proclaim Jesus & share their faith
    8. May this pandemic bring more people to God’s Kingdom. May all true believers in Christ boldly proclaim the Gospel of His Kingdom
  1. Studies:
    1. For John David & all students especially from Rizal Technological University involved with Navs to be motivated well to do their best in their studies even if they are on virtual classes
    2. For students to really thirst for knowledge and wisdom from God, protection from wrong influences in the internet
  1. Mental health problems: Many people, students and youths are suffering from mental health problems these days, pray for protection from the evil one, that they will find hope in God alone

Zeny Villena

  1. Mug Kape Ka Daw, Friday Bible Study Group
      1. May the women in this Bible study group fully comprehend with their minds and hearts the grace of God that brought them salvation is also the same grace operative in their sanctification;
      2. May they pursue holiness in reliance upon the power of the Holy Spirit and motivated by love and grateful hearts for Jesus’ sacrificial death resulting to Christ’s righteousness being imputed upon them
  1. For the Monday Bible Study Group: May the mother and daughter, Norma Ilagan and Matilde Ilagan come to understand the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. May they both come to trust Jesus as personal Lord and Savior.

Eve Malabanan

  • Continued protection pa din po against COVID-19 ng buong family. And yung sa paguwi po sa batangas, sana po safe din po makauwi.

Jaime Hernandez

  • Please pray for courage and wisdom as I tackle a serious matter at work and persuade my colleagues to accept a more compassionate approach to dealing with erring kids.

Samaniego family

  • We thank GOD, Sarah and companions are closely and strictly supervised by Safety and Health officials for the entire duration of the said DOT project in all their rehearsals and as well as in the lockdown / bubble rehearsals in Nueva Ecija. They have been warned not to break any health protocol otherwise anyone who will be caught breaching even for just one rule or guideline, will be sent home. May Sarah continue to shine for CHRIST and may others be led to our Saviour JESUS CHRIST. Sarah continues to meet daily 10-10:30pm with 2 other dance major graduates for prayer and weekly for Bible Study.

Diana Salundaguit

  1. Good Health for Aki & Jeffrey na walang magkasakit samin.
  2. Stable Mental Health for me (Minsan sa sobrang pagod physically, napapagod na rin mentally) to bring back the sparks I have when I was starting
  3. For Navlit Income (More customers to come)
  4. More Creative juices to effectively market the books
  5. For my online Selling (Ukay Ukay)
  6. Jeffrey’s work graveyard shift (sana makayanan and wag mastress)
  7. Aki’s growth & Development
  8. Spiritual growth as husband & wife samin ni Jepri

Ate Luz Jarumayan

  1. Excellent ophthalmologist to check on her eyes
  2. A companion & a vehicle when she goes for check up
  3. Protection from infection & good health
  4. Pls pray too that I may be able to encourage people through messenger. Maraming clamoring to be heard at this time of our lives. Right now, I talk to an apo of one of my fave students who died of COVID. Godly words of wisdom.

Dioralyn Moreño

  1. Thanksgiving sa Navlit, for God’s provision and blessings. By providing customers every month to sustain the expenses and a small income for NavLit.
  2. More sales this month, God-willing. More people will grow in their spiritual life, and many souls will be reach out through the NavLit books and Bible study materials.
  3. Continuous good health and protection sa family.
  4. Salvation for my unsaved family and friends.

C. South Luzon

  1. Unity and wisdom for Region 4 Team (Wency, Rico Albaño, Jun Espiritu, and Nani Romero) in making decisions regarding ministry in South Luzon division and its expansion amidst the pandemic;
  2. application of the principles of whole life discipleship and empowerment in all ministry areas in SL resulting in empowered communities and individuals living a loving and purposeful life;
  3. growth in faith of all people involved in the Navs (Los Baños, SanPablo, Tagaytay, Tanauan, Tiaong) & CHAI (Milaor, Naga, Bacacay,Tabaco) as all staff and members continue to care for one another in many aspects of life and help everyone to make convictions based on God’s word and to discern one’s contribution as laborer in the harvestfield; for daily leading and empowerment from God to do His work;
  4. wisdom and unity for the Los Baños leadership team (Bert Tagalog, Rene Vega, Val Madrid, and Lawrence Uy) in leading the ministry, as they implement their programs in a loving community setting.
  5. more prayer partners and faithful givers for the ministry and personal needs of staff/volunteers;
  6. eagerness to know more about God for the members of our new/evangelistic bible studies (community, college students; couples), application of lessons learned and victory against the work of the devil
  7. commitment to always have a God-glorifying home for the Acordas, Anonuevos, Aparatos, Batos, Dela Viñas, Junsays, Logronios, Madrids, Manalos, Mercados, Merles, Tews, Tuanos, Vegas, and Veruasas as we all apply lessons from the Couples meetings (2x a month) facilitated by Rene and Ada Vega
  8. protection and wisdom in ministering to the different communities in San Pablo city and Tiaong, Quezon for the new Navstaff – Rico & Lea, Romy and Luz, Ed and Jen, and their co-laborer in the City of Blessings Church like Rudy and Edna
  9. release of funds from the LGU for City of Blessings church in San Pablo the soonest possible time, this will help the livelihood of SBC members; provision of a 4-wheel vehicle for better ministry mobilization in Region IV.
  10. opportunities to share God’s word in Sannera and Lynville Residences 2, San Pablo for Romy/Luz and Ed/Jen, respectively; that their lives will be blessings to the neighborhood
  11. God’s guidance and wisdom for Gene & Glo Veruasa as they minister virtually; continued interest of the community youth to know God and study His Word; wisdom and smooth transition from highschool to college for Aaron, Raizon, Rairai, Abegeil, Jayjay and Clyde; complete healing for the three mothers who experienced symptoms of COVID19; spiritual growth of the relatives of Gene&Glo in Tanauan; Smooth adjustment for Richard and Dannah as they parent their first baby; for the young professionals to have good testimonies in their work; Wisdom and perseverance for Aaron Aguas as he writes his thesis manuscript for planned defense in November; Wisdom and strength for Liza, Denise, Migz, Ella and Vic as they teach in UPLB; for Lea to be accepted as employee at Philrice; for Jobert and Carina to have genuine faith in Jesus.
  12. healing touches of God to Dan, Connie, and Len Carigma as they deal with health challenges; also continued financial provision, protection, and strength;
  13. CHAI Naga – for learners’ hearts and growth in faith of all people involved in the ministry served by Dan & Angie and Wawee; continued zeal of all the youth in Dalipay communities
  14. Team Tabaco (CHAI Albay – Renz&Maeden, Joe, Erika, Luigie) -1. protection from covid9 infection and provisions of jobs, finances, and healing (physical and emotional) for the team and their families, community members and PLC leaders in Tabaco city and Bacacay, Albay; 2. spiritual growth of all volunteers and their families, adults, youth, kids; 3. successful implementation of Hope Stores (livelihood project) in Tabaco; 4. harmonious relationships in all communities; 4. lessening of covid cases in the Bicol region
  15. smooth adjustment of Chqui Eumag in Tabaco, her ministry assignment; harmonious teamwork with Tabaco CHAI team.
  16. good health and provisions for the family of Loloy & Nhidz Aparato in Mindoro
  17. guidance in the jobs of professionals/working people in SL (LosBanos, SanPablo, Tagaytay, Tanauan, Tiaong, Milaor, Naga, Bacacay,Tabaco), some work-from-home, others face-to-face, and perseverance of students in remote learning;
  18. guidance in the studies, spiritual growth, and commitment to disciple others for the UPLB students in the bible study groups of Lawrence and Lala;
  19. clients every month for Luz Hernandez, a part-time Sunlife insurance advisor; for her to be creative, effective, and a loving teacher; for good internet connection for online classes.
  20. healing for Cora (Cel delaVinas youngest sister) and Weng (Lala’s aunt) fully trusting God for restoration of good health
  21. growth in truly loving God for Wency and Cel dela Vina, their whole family, and the people they are ministering; for the Bible project videos and other bs materials to continue to equip them (LB Nav staff and contacts, San Pablo Navstaff, and Team Tabaco); for all Nav staff, CHAI volunteers, and everyone involved in the ministry and loved ones to appropriate God’s peace amidst challenging realities today, like pandemic, covid19 infection, and other health concerns.
  22. fruitful time of all participants from South Luzon division in the Asia Pacific Campus Forum 2021 (online Nov 2021 and 2022)
  23. peaceful election season in our country and may the good triumph over evil candidates




A. Western Visayas

  1. Please pray for safety and protection from all sickness of all family members, all staffs and contacts from this pandemic. To have a strong immune system to fight against this virus.
  2. All Chemical Engineering graduates for their Board Exam starting this Sunday October 3- 5, 2021. For wisdom that comes from above that all of them will be able to pass their Board Exam. God’s overflowing provision for all of them and strength as they prepare all their needs.
  3. That God will prepare the right people to be recruited as a YDF for this year or next year. Willingness to get involved in the campus ministry.
  4. That we will be able to reach out 15 Freshmen students for our new contact for this semester. To be involved in our Bible study and actively join in the Campus ministry.
  5. Good internet connection for the students for our Bible Studies online. That they will continue to grow, and they will be able to reach out more students and to witness them and be willing to be train as a leader for their group.
  6. Good health for (Yannick, Rudy). Strength and healing for Weba. Pam’s father in the ICU too. Pray for the whole family for comfort as they undergo these circumstances.
  7. Ministry expansion in Escalante: That the Lord will continue to touch the people heart’s to be more receptive to the Word of God.
  8. God will give the right connection and the right people to partner with us in helping the ministry for our prayer and financial support.
  9. Those advance contacts in their Bible Studies will have a burden to lead the new batches of students as part of their trainings.
  10. We will be faithful in doing our daily prayer time and devotional to the students as part of nurturing them to get closer for thier personal relationship with the Lord.

B. Cebu

Jerpri Medillo

  1. Pray for people who can help in chatting with the CTU freshmen students.
  2. Pray for Carlo and Cindy who will lead the Campus Fellowship. Pray that many will involve helping the campus ministry.
  3. Pray for the newly developed group of freshmen. Pray for the transition of discussion from online anxiety to Bible Study.
  4. Pray for ministry partners in term of finances cause one of my partners said that he’ll stop muna in supporting me because of financial problem.
  5. Pray for the 2nd and 3rd year students who are in the bible study that we can develop a set of new leaders.

Elen Marcojos

  • Please pray for strength and the Lord’s favor as she goes through dialysis 3 times a week.



A. Davao

    1. Jonathan will start work in Cebu mid-October. He will man the IT center of UP. Praise God with him for providing a furnished condo to rent, walking distance from UP and for the very kind owner who prayed that the next renter of her condo is a Christian. Pls pray for detailed mind as he turns over the projects, responsibilities, documents, equipments to DOST. Pray he would be issued his clearance the soonest. Pls pray too for smooth adjustment for him to the new place, new job, new boss, new workmates, to living alone away from family. Pray he will grow in his intimacy with God and dependence upon Him for wisdom, empowering, courage, comfort, peace and protection. Pls pray for the family, especially for Ana as this is the first time a child will live in a different city. Pls pray for provision of some house needs and for his safe flight on Oct 19.
    2. For the Lord to continue to prosper the business ventures (WrapNHop, Dandoms, cakes and pastries, construction, supplements, machineries, engineering services) of some Davao Navs and jobs of the working people (especially those that need to meet quota) despite the pandemic.
    3. Many of the Davao young professionals are health workers (doctors, nurses, medtechs). Please pray for God’s special protection for them against covid and all its variants.
    4. Praise the Lord with Joyce for Divine inspiration and enabling to finish writing her proposal. The manuscript is now for routing. Praise God too that she was able to beat the deadline for a research grant. Pls pray for favorable response. Pls pray too for the Lord to sustain her through these stresses and to protect her from any flair of her Crohn’s disease.
    5. Many working people in Davao report to their offices for work on certain days of the week if not daily. Some go on travels as part of their jobs. Please pray for protection against covid for them, especially those that commute to work.
    6. Noralyn Tiempo and Rubelyn Enriquez partner in teaching the Word to Nav kids virtually. Pls pray for wisdom, creativity and patience for them. Pray too that the kids would understand and retain the truths in their hearts, despite their playfulness.
    7. Pls continue to pray for Neil to be able to start the BS with the 3 young people who are part of the Davao Nav outreach in Paquibato. Pls pray that the other youth would be willing and committed and would have the means to study God’s Word virtually.
    8. The next Salusalo ng mga Guro would focus on Mental Health Awareness and Stress Management. Pray this would aid the teachers in their self-care and equip them in ministering to their students.
    9. The teachers’ BS, which aims to motivate and help teachers to reach out to their students with the Gospel, is frequently disrupted by the teachers’ busyness with and stress due to school demands and poor internet connection in far areas. Pls pray for the faithfulness and availability of the young teachers in this weekly session. Pray too for extra strong connection during their BS.
    10. Let us praise God for some of the contacts of Mam Jennelou Angelo and Mam Juvy Digamo who have started attending the TipTalk. Let us pray their participation in the Davao Nav youth activity would fuel greater excitement to grow spiritually.
    11. Pls pray for the more matured teachers to grow in their commitment, competence and courage in sharing the Gospel to their students. Pls pray for wisdom and boldness for others to be able to start their own BS groups too.
    12. The monthly TipTalk, which serves as connecting pond for the Davao Nav youth to their circle of friends and classmates, is gaining popularity and excitement. Last September, 57 students learned from their Ate Joan Victolero how to make the grade without pressure. Pls pray they would grow in their knowledge of God and respond accordingly in facing the challenges in school. In October, the plan is for the youth to have a video tour of countries where Davao Nav alumni stay for work or study and pray for God’s ministry there.
    13. Pray for all those in our SBCs to grow in our commitment to the Word both in personal devotion and group study, resulting to closer walk with God, deeper Gospel mindset in handling personal and social issues, and Christ-honoring lives.
    14. Pls pray for the Bangkal Nav team as they continue to minister to their contacts by providing them rice and Bible study materials the children could read and color. Pray the Bible stories would sustain their interest for spiritual things. Pls pray the teens to be willing to join the virtual BS.
  1. Public schools just started a new schoolyear. Some Davao Nav teachers and students are finding difficulty in re-adjusting to the new normal of education (virtual classes and modules). Pls pray for perseverance, wisdom, diligence and strong internet connections for them.

B. South Cotabato

  1. Pls. Pray for wisdom of Bing and Efren Carido as they handle bible on parenting to a married group.
  2. Pls. pray for the Navs lake Sebu girls group they still have a hard time to meet together. Pray that God will place a desire in their hearts to know God and love God more.
  3. The BS of Navs Lake Sebu girls group is via Zoom and one of these girls cell phone is defective. Pls. pray for an available cell phone for this girl.
  4. Pls. pray for God’s continous protection from COVID we have another 2 C+ in our our office in MGB R 12. – Pls. Pray for the So. Cot. Navs. to have and opportunity to share the gospel to our office mate and neighborhood.
  5. Alvin: Pls. continue to pray for God’s guidance and direction as we help journey sa mga contacts in So. Cot.
  6. Pls. Continue to pray for all the Navs member in So. Cot. our jobs and businesses.



A. London, UK

  1. May Milton: For a UK university to accredit & accept her PhD in Guidance from UP Diliman. For God to lead her to the right university to study Level6 Information, Advice & Guidance course
  2. Pray for the group of OFW –Nurses who are meeting regularly via Zoom with May:
  3. For protection from any form of illness, including mental health that they will find joy in serving the Lord as caregivers in a foreign land.
  4. For availability during scheduled BS & prayer meetings, for Glenia , Pamela , Jan, Glenda, Sheila to be available for encouragement/ fellowship
  5. For spiritual growth- deep hunger & thirst for God- to focus on the Lord Jesus
  6. For more OFW to join this group – for Glen Arnold & Yana Dunque to become part of this group
  7. For this group to be used by God to reach out to other OFW from closed countries who are working there, that they be brightly shining lights in their respective workplaces for His glory!

B. Indonesia

  1. May Pestano
    1. Good health, protection from covid, demonic attacks and accidents.
    2. Breakthrough and explosive fruitfulness for the M young people/youth ministry here.
  2. Delia Pedrano: Refreshing times with the Lord and other believers , protection from the enemy, travel restrictions be lifted so she can come home for good next year, fruitful stay & wise use of the remaining few months in Indonesia- ba able to leave a legacy there, clear direction after coming back

C. Bangladesh

  1. Pray for healing of Ammu from cervical cancer. She is now in Mumbai, India for further treatment, wisdom for the doctors for proper medications & procedure. May this illness bring the whole family to Christ. Pray for financial provision also.
  2. For Gustaf & Ryda with the team – wisdom & guidance what profitable business to put up that can provide visa for those interested to work with them

Answered Prayers and Praises

“Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits— who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” Psalm 103:1-5, NIV


Metro Manila

  1. Praise God Our Healer for the following:
    1. Joy is recovering well, Drew Aubrey
    2. Gwen’s whole family recovered, Rald also recovering, Beth improving but still weak on ventilator, whole family of Dimayugas have recovered
  2. Praise God for good health & continuous protection of Victor’s family, Nav bldg. occupants, Metro Manila Navs family

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