Prayer Bulletin – March 2022

Issue No. 15 • March 2022

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

Prayer is beyond any question the highest activity of the human soul. Man is at his greatest and highest when upon his knees he comes face to face with God. – Martyn Lloyd-Jones


Prayer Requests

I. National Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for love, unity and renewed zeal for the Lord among all Nav staff and contacts in pursuing our UMD.
  2. Pray for humility before the Lord and with one another as we serve the Lord together.
  3. Thank God for all the prayer and financial supporters of the Navigator ministry. May the Lord wonderfully bless them in all aspects and grant them remarkable success.
  4. Comfort to those who lost their loved ones during this pandemic.
  5. Our Monthly Staff Meetings where we are revisiting the different ministry processes needed to pursue our calling of raising up laborers.
  6. We are raising up funds (1M) for the development (fencing and simple structures) of donated property in Cagayan de Oro and Davao City (1,000 and 600 square meters).
  7. Overseers (Eseng, Randy, Ed Amper, Wency and Ronnie) – ability to focus on developing others as servant leaders in leading local areas
  8. More leaders for each region.
  9. Protection for Ronnie and Glo as they visit different local areas all around the country
  10. Provision for relief and rehabilitation of Odette affected areas
  11. God’s leading for the APLT assessment of ministry and if there is a need to select a new National Director. Submission to God’s will for all involved

With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may count you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith. 2 Thessalonians 1:11



A. Navlit

  1. Pray for God’s provision for Navlit sales every month. Ma-meet yung target sales na 300k to sustain the expenses and magkaroon ng konting income. God-willing. 🙏

  2. Pray for more lost souls na ma-reach through books, Bible study materials and tracts. Nakapag-sell ang NavLit Ng 100k plus na Ang Tulay at Bridge to Life last 2021.

B. Northern Luzon

  1. Training/developing our laborers/leader
  2. Providing a venue for our youth today
  3. Developing teams of laborers in CAR, Region 1, 2 and 3, 4.
  4. More SBCs will be established as a result of Panagtitipon (once a month big gathering)
  5. Possible Men’s Conference this May

C. Metro Manila

  1. Let us thank God for some Nav alumni & Nav kids who are helping in the ministry. Let us ask God for more laborers in His harvest field. Pray that many more Nav alumni in Metro Manila will be led by God to pursue our UMD (Unified Ministry Direction). Pray in the light of Isaiah 60:1-6
  2. From Victor Pascual:
    • Kyla- ongoing chemo, for successful treatment & provisions. For continued intimacy with the Lord.
    • Papa Raposas – thanksgiving for clear angiogram!
    • Arthur & family – full recovery.
    • MiO – full recovery. May the family not be affected.
    • Gerry & Warren – spiritual growth
    • Atoy – spiritual strength.
    • Pascual family – salvation for most, spiritual maturity of others
  3. From Chat Santos: Art’s still on NGT but more and more gaining ease in taking mashed, soft and blended food. But sometimes, he’s not enthusiastic in eating much. Please pray that he will eat by mouth more and more and that soon he can swallow tablets/capsules so that removing the NGT can already be an option. Pulverized meds taste so unpleasant, so might be a challenge giving meds to him via mouth yet. Thanks for continuing to pray. The needed 24-hr holter monitoring went well and results looks good. Will forward to his Neuro when I have it photocopied as there are more than 20 pages. Art continues to get well. He can now tolerate sitting down in his wheelchair in the garden for extended period of time (like from morning until lunchtime). He’s not much into eating mashed food though. Only when he likes the food like he had some ice cream last week and lugaw with mashed sayote and squash the other day for lunch and also dinner (as he asked for it again). He still can’t speak but manage to communicate with us by sign language, writing (and pointing letters in the alphabet chart we made) and facial gestures.
  4. Antipolo Navs Community
    • Munting Paaralan – Pray for the on-going preparation for face-to-face classes, man-power to help in the instructional materials, wisdom for the volunteer teachers how to arrange the schedules & manage so that health protocols will be applied. Kaye Manubay will teach at least 2 classes online every Saturday, pray for wisdom, strength & good health as she has 2 young kids at home. Thank God for her heart to help the ministry. Also for the parents who will be watching & waiting for their children to come to know the Lord Jesus
    • Pray for the guardianship of Nathan Manubay, for favor & prompt approval by the court judge. Wisdom & patience for David as he helps Nathan with his studies as a tutor. For Nathan to grow emotionally mature.
    • Thank God for the weekly meeting of women leaders every Monday to pray, plan & prepare for the Women’s group Bible study every Wednesday. Pray for wisdom & Spirit-lead encouraging times together.
    • Pray for the couples’ ministry, the team is doing visitation to encourage both husband & wife to join the Bible study & fellowship every second Sunday of the month. They are trusting God for about 10 couples to join for discipleship. Pray for Grace & Jojo as they lead this group.
    • Thank God for the on-going Bible study in a restaurant in Taytay, Rizal, where Grace works. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide & mightily work, convict people of sin & bring repentance. Grace is meeting some of them one-on-one, depends on availability.
    • Antipolo Kabuhayan Program – pray for the repair of sewing machines as soon as possible. Thank God for Angie who volunteered to teach some women how to sew & use high speed sewing machine. Thank God also for Yli who volunteered to be in-charge of the baking of cakes, cookies & bread for sale. Thank God for the available ovens. Pray for the Urban gardening to take off. Pray for more volunteers who have skillful hands & servant hearts who are willing to be used by God. Pray that these programs will really help meet the needs of the community
  5. Rizal Technological University (RTU)
    • Thank God for the renewed enthusiasm of some students to know God & join the weekly virtual fellowship every Saturday. Pray for more students to join this event regularly that they would keep inviting their friends & relatives. Most of the students in Bible study are graduating this semester, pray for more students from lower years to join.
    • Internet connection is always a challenge every virtual meeting. Some have very poor & unstable internet. Pray for internet providers to improve their facilities to provide stable connection nationwide.
    • Pray for the spiritual growth & availability for the students to have BS & one-on-one personal times. Pray “A, B, C” for them: A – able to hear God, B- Be willing to obey, C- Christlike heart
    • Pray for those students who are having mental health issues that they will find hope in God and be encouraged to move on with life, looking to Jesus the pioneer & perfecter of our faith. Claim Hebrews 12:1,2
    • Most of the students are now thinking about their future job after taking the LET licensure exam. Let us ask God to guide them in making decisions. Some would like to join the military and we are praying that some would volunteer as YDF (Youth Development Facilitator) with the Navs.
  6. UP Diliman
    • Thank God for the Nav alumni who attended the virtual fellowship last month. They have elected officers for the UPDNav alumni association, spearheaded by Dok Jaime. Consider them in your prayers as they seek God & plan what to do to pursue God’s calling. Pray for unity of heart & mind with strength & vigor from the Lord as they provide spiritual leadership for the association
    • Pray for Tim & Gen Acosta for wisdom in making life decisions & balancing work, family life, parenthood & spiritual life.
    • Pray for student leaders be raised in UPD & for more help to recruit new students for the Lord

D. South Luzon

  1. unity and wisdom for Region 4 Team (Wency, Rico A, Jun E, and Nani) as it plans for ministry expansion in San Juan, Batangas;

  2. growth in faith of all people involved in the Navs (Los Baños, San Pablo, Tagaytay, Tanauan, Tiaong, Alaminos) & CHAI (Milaor, Naga, Bacacay, Tabaco) as all staff and members continue to care for one another in many aspects of life and help everyone to make convictions based on God’s word and to discern one’s contribution as laborer in the harvestfield; for daily leading and empowerment from God to do His work;

  3. wisdom and unity for the Los Baños leadership team (Bert Tagalog, Rene Vega, Val Madrid, and Lawrence Uy) in leading the ministry, as they implement their programs this year

  4. more prayer partners and faithful givers for the ministry and personal needs of staff/volunteers;

  5. eagerness to know more about God for the members of our new/evangelistic bible studies (community, college students, couples), application of lessons learned and victory against the work of the devil

  6. Gene & Glo Veruasa
    Pray for –
    • the 1st year students from Villegas poor community to be able to enroll again this second sem,
    • Raizon to be able to complete his requirements and get good grades so that he will retain his scholarship,
    • the Villegas youth and mothers and Glo’s relatives involved in evangelistic BS to receive the Lord Jesus as their Savior and Lord,
    • Vanessa and Gina (mothers), that the Lord will touch their hearts and return to our weekly Bible discussion,
    • Andeng, Alyanna and Marco to have interest in studying God’s Word,
    • Ester and Ruth to be healed from depression so they will finish their thesis,
    • wisdom for UPLB teachers – Vic, Denise, Migs, Liza and Ella as they teach & influence students & peers.
    • provision of job for Aaron Aguas.
    • spiritual growth for Ed and Joy, Manny and Jhea, Joyce, Haira, Shyrelle, Kristel and Arckie.
    • Deep passion for God and good health for Gene and Glo

  7. Danny and Connie Carigma –
    • Praise God for the newly organized Baguio alumni BS group. Pls pray that they will renew their passion for God.
    • Pray for –

    1. God’s provision of a new job for Noel
    2. God’s provision and direction for Lenlen’s treatment for her back pain and other health concerns, like concerning her heart and thyroid;
  8. Rico & Lea Albano
    • Thank God for –
    1. Bryan of Tiaong City of Blessing (CoB) church who expressed his willingness to help Ptr Alvin
    2. our face-to-face Couples’ fellowship last Feb where we shared how God’s grace enabled us to cope with the challenges of pandemic. Pls pray for –
      • smooth transition of leadership in Tiaong CoB
      • payment of capital gain tax for purchased lot in Tiaong
      • renewal of CoB vehicle registration
  9. Romy & Luz Hernandez –
    • Praise God for our BS groups – Cynthia, Aneth Gonzales and children, Dani Obado & family, Sunlife ladies, Aivy & Justine, Tiaong’s sis Espie & family – pray for continued hunger and thirst for God’s word;
    • Pls pray for –

    1. wisdom as we help people grow in faith
    2. mahusay na karpintero para sa aming kitchen at God’s provision para dito
    3. time management sa work, home chores and ministry, for stamina, good health, and ability to cope with all school requirements
    4. our family, Col. 1:10 – to live a life worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to Him, maging blessing kami sa neighborhood
  10. Ed & Jen Matundan –
    • Praise God for His provision of Tagalog Bibles and for the willingness of young people in Tiaong to be trained so they can serve God well;
    • Pray for

    1. the launching of City of Blessing church at San Benito, Alaminos, Laguna on March 6 and God’s provision of chairs, curtains, and 4 electric stand fans
    2. His intervention and fruitful result of teaching together with kids’ feeding program every Friday in the houses of Soriano, Torres, Beraquet, Cutay, and Manginon families and Lani Avenido
    3. materials for Sunday school, Sunday worship, and SBCs at San Benito for children, youth, and adults
  11. Dan & Angie Narciso (CHAI CamSur)

    • Praise God
      1. for the continuing growth among the youth leaders in their relationship with Him
      2. calling laborers into His harvest field. We have 2 additional volunteers helping us in our work.
    • Pls pray –
      1. that God will raise laborers among the parents
      2. for maturity among the parents with regards to their relationship with God
      3. the CamSur CHAI/D4D team to really work as a team besides being a fellowship group
      4. for provisions for the work in the community.
  12. Team Tabaco (CHAI Albay – Renz & Maeden, Reyan & Arlene, Joe, Erika, Luigie)
    • provisions of finances and healing (physical and emotional) for the laborers, community members, and PLC leaders in Tabaco city and Bacacay, Albay;
    • spiritual growth of all volunteers and their families, adults, youth, kids;
    • successful implementation of Hope Stores (livelihood project) in Tabaco;
    • More men to be involved in SBCs

  13. successful fundraising for church lot for San Pablo City of Blessings and church building in Tiaong, Quezon

  14. good health and provisions for the family of Loloy & Nhidz Aparato in Mindoro

  15. guidance in the jobs of professionals/working people in SL (Los Baños, San Pablo, Tagaytay, Tanauan, Tiaong, Alaminos, Milaor, Naga, Bacacay, Tabaco), some work-from-home, others face-to-face, and perseverance of students in remote learning;

  16. Lawrence and Lala –
    • guidance in the studies, spiritual growth, and commitment to disciple others for the college students in their SBCs,
    • healing for Weng (Lala’s aunt), fully trusting God for restoration of good health,
    • Provision of right-of-way for the farm of Lala’s family in Isabela,
    • Makapasa si Lorraine Uy sa MedTech Board exam at si Kevin Pasion sa Bar exam ,
    • Good relationship in the family,
    • Wisdom and guidance in their respective jobs

  17. for recruitment of young volunteers to help Cris and Dothy

  18. for Wency and Cel dela Viña to continue to unselfishly serve the people they are ministering to; healing of niece Arvee and grandniece Loreen from cancer

  19. for everyone involved in different ministry areas to minister with the full armor of God fully aware that we are not fighting against humans but against spiritual beings (Eph 6)

  20. From Jun & Merlie Espiritu – as per recent outreach trip of Jun & GCF SouthMetro in Cagayan Valley Kalinga outreach:

    • pls pray for the construction of a water distribution system that was started last week in Sucsuc Kalinga community in Cagayan Valley. May it be finished soon so that the community will have access to clean potable drinking water.
    • That the dishwashing soap/liquid-making as income-producing livelihood would prosper in Baggao Kalinga community
    • that the movement of the Gospel in the surrounding communities would keep advancing to produce transformed disciples.
  21. Rudy & Edna Nuarin –
    • Thank God sa life ng daughter naming si Clarisse at makakatapos na sya ng pag-aaral ng college
    • Pls pray na lumago ang mga small business ng kapatiran na naka-avail ng loan sa City of Blessing fund.



A. Western Visayas

Wisdom, guidance, and understanding on what focus this month.

  1. Please pray to the YP and students for courage and boldness to proclaim the Good News to where they are and whatever the situation.
  2. Pray for wisdom and discernment to Jeal in Bacolod as she leads the youth (Marial & Angel) for Bible study. May they be good soil.
  3. For Stewart, wisdom, guidance and strength in his board exam review and as he leads (Gerald & Arvi Jay) for disciples. Also opportunity to continuously share the gospel to others.
  4. Same mind, heart and goal to bring the Good News to the lost for the CPU Nav team (Gina, Preciouse, Larijean, Gerald, Kero, Stewart, Ivan)
  5. Pray for Gina as she leads Khristia for Bible study. May God give them favorable time and good internet connection. May Khristia be a good soil.
  6. For the new students (Izza and Arvi Jay) as they express interest in Bible study and discipleship. May God protect their time and commitment in learning the Bible.
  7. That God would move the hearts of the alumni here in Iloilo for fellowship. May they listen to God intently.
  8. For unity among the staff and local leaders in the area. That as we depend on God pertaining everything, may He give us joy and contentment as we persevere. Pray for His leading for transportation in the area.
  9. For Ivan, Renan, Troy and Zhary that God would use them to bring the Good News to their workplace. May they depend on God for everything and commit to God their lives as they work. Also for Cindy, Lira, Glecyl, Jocelyn & Verlin that they too would proclaim the Good News in their work places.
  10. For God’s guidance for our student leaders as they continue for planning and share the gospel for their fellow students and family members
  11. For an open opportunity to establish and have a good relationship to each member of the team as they do the planning and creativity in reaching for students like them inside the campus area.
  12. Others still in online Bible studies continue to have a good internet connection and heart’s desire to learn more about God and grow deeper in His words.🙏🙏🙏

B. Cebu

  1. Praise the LORD for His ongoing work of discipleship amongst the student contacts in Cebu
  2. Please pray for all Cebu Navs staff and local leaders, for the Lord’s wisdom, strength, perseverance and joy in doing the ministry, online and face-to-face
  3. The LORD to open more doors to preach the Gospel of the LORD Jesus
  4. Please pray for Elen Marcojos, her lumbar pains worsen with each passing day. Pray for the LORD’s grace and mercy to abound in her. Please pray for the Lord’s provision to pay up their recent medical bill of P60k



A. South Cotabato

  1. Pray for Wisdom for Efren Carido as he directs the MGB R-12 office.
  2. Pls. Pray for wisdom as I supervise the Mine Safety division of MGB-12.
  3. Pls. pray for favor and blessing to the businesses of the Navs. Alumni in So. Cot.
  4. Pray also for Alvin Ibuyat as he continues to help the Navs. contact here in So. Cot.
  5. Growth of the Navs Alumni in So. Cot.
  6. Peaceful election in general.

B. Davao

  1. Pls pray for the auntie (Miguela Dico) of Febe Orbe who is diabetic and has been experiencing various pains (e.g. part due to neuropathy, back pain due to spine infection). She is currently admitted and scheduled for spine surgery to drain something. Please pray for physical strength ‘before, during, after’ the surgery. Wisdom for the attending physician. Her body will respond to the medicines. Pls pray the healing process will be within the timeline. For her FBS to be at favorable level as a requirement for surgery and for finances to be available. Pray too that Rachel (her daughter) will be blessed with good health and patience as she attends to her sick mom.
  2. Pray too for Carl Orbe’s mom who has been bedridden for a couple of months now due to fractured spine. Lately she managed to sit down in her wheelchair. The family is praying that she could walk again. Pls pray that she would feel the need of a Savior and a chance for someone to share Gospel to her.
  3. Lyre Espada-Murao will assume the position of Chancellor at UP Mindanao, pls pray that she would lead with integrity of heart and skillful hands (Psalm 78:72).
  4. Some members of Davao SBCs hold supervisory/managerial positions in their companies. Pls pray for wisdom and discernment in decision-making.
  5. Fe and Cesar Adegue are tasked to attend seminars til April and May respectively over and above their usual work load in their offices. The seminars involve attending lectures, participating in discussions, return demos, doing assignments and taking exams. Pls pray for God’s wisdom and enabling and perseverance and healthy coping with the accompanying stresses. Pray their kids would understand and could cope with least assistance and supervision from them.
  6. The Davao PLC team is now formulating their job description. Pls pray for realistic, achievable JD considering they are all working people with 2 leading their own SBCs. Pray the other members would also reach out to their circle of influence and form their own SBCs.
  7. Jonathan Victolero will go back-to-back to Cebu tom (March 2) at 5 pm. Pls pray for safe, smooth, relaxing flight and for smooth working relationship with his team. Pray that he would exercise his authority with a balance of firmness and gentleness.
  8. Praise God with Jaja Medrano-Brilata, a Nav kid from Davao now residing in Bohol with her family, for the restoration of their water and electricity. Pray that the stable internet services would also resume.
  9. Joseph and Fritz Nacario are doing relief operations in small islands in Surigao. Praise God for His provision of funds for this project. Pls pray for strength and protection for them. Pray too for their desire to reach out to the victims of Typhoon Odette with the Gospel.
  10. Pls pray for those in our different SBCs to be diligent students of the Word and resulting to greater intimacy with God, deeper understanding of the Gospel and Christ-honoring lives.
  11. For the Lord to continue to prosper the business ventures (dormitory, farm, WrapNHop, Dandom’s, cakes and pastries, construction, supplements, machineries, engineering services) of some Davao Navs and jobs of the working people (especially those that need to meet quota) despite the pandemic.
  12. Many of the Davao young professionals are health workers (doctors, nurses, medtechs). Please pray for God’s special protection for them against COVID and all its variants.
  13. Many working people in Davao report to their offices for work on certain days of the week if not daily. Some go on travels as part of their jobs. Please pray for protection against COVID for them, especially those that commute to work.
  14. Pls pray for God’s special anointing for those in charge in planning for the relevant and fitting topics for the monthly TipTalk and Salusalo ng mga Guro
  15. Pls pray for the Bangkal Nav team as they continue to minister to their contacts by providing them rice and Bible study modules. Pray the Bible stories would sustain their interest for spiritual things. Pls pray the teens would be willing to join the virtual BS.
  16. The Southern Mindanao team is considering to do pioneer work among focused group. Pls pray for laborers with heart and skills for this special ministry.



A. Ukraine

We are all concerned about the events unfolding in Ukraine. Here is the latest update on the situation…

Did you know?

Navigator ministries have thrived in Ukraine since the 1990s. And Ukraine has shown greater response to the gospel than many other former Soviet states, with vibrant churches growing and missionaries being sent out.

The good news

Our two American Navigator missionary families were safely evacuated out of Ukraine a few weeks before the Russian invasion. These missionary families relocated to Hungary and are currently laboring alongside the Navigator team in Budapest. Our missionaries are maintaining daily communications with many Ukrainian Navigator friends. One of these missionary families has served in Ukraine for nearly 17 years, and the other missionary family has served for several years. the sad news Many of our Ukrainian Navigator friends are in real danger. Some are staying in the Navigator office in Kyiv, some are hunkering down in their apartments, some have been able to flee to outlying villages, some are still trying to find a way out of the city, and some are gearing up to defend Kyiv. Our Ukrainian Navigator friends report seeing shortages of food, water, electricity, and gasoline. A quote from one of the Ukrainian Navigator friends: “Thank you for the prayers. I feel the encouragement. I am calm. How beautiful it is to live with God. Now every morning I begin my day with prayer. Praise God. He has everything under control. I ask you to pray for my sister. They are panicking. Also, please pray for my boss at work, Alexander and his son, also Alexander. They became soldiers to defend Kyiv. “

Other evacuations

Another American Navigator missionary couple and two single American Navigator missionaries are also being evacuated out of the region. More may follow if established thresholds for action are reached. The crisis in Ukraine opens wonderful opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ, but it also presents real dangers for our staff in the region. We want to walk by faith — not in fear, and not in foolishness.

How to pray

🙏 pray that peace would prevail
🙏 pray for the practical needs of the Ukrainian people
🙏 pray that Ukrainian believers would abound with faith, hope, and love
🙏 pray that Ukrainian churches would shine brightly for Jesus
🙏 pray that this conflict would further the gospel and multiply laborers for the harvest
🙏 pray for the well-being of our evacuated missionaries as they grieve deeply for Ukraine
🙏 pray for wisdom if other evacuations become necessary a key bible passage Many of our Navigator staff in Eurasia have identified Psalm 46 as a key passage for seeking God in the midst of this crisis. Would you consider adding this passage to your Bible reading plan as a way to unite with our staff in the region and as a guide for your own prayers?

Opportunities for giving

Here are three opportunities for giving to help those caught up in the crisis:
1) Giving to advance the gospel through the Ukraine Navigators
2) Giving to the needs of our evacuated missionaries
3) Giving to humanitarian relief efforts through organizations like World Vision or Samaritan’s Purse

Answered Prayers and Praises

“Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits— who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” Psalm 103:1-5, NIV


Praise God nakapag-collection na sa mga bookstore for this month.

Chat Santos

God has been all sufficient and near to us. He has given me the patience, strength and endurance all these years since 2014 and more so since last year til now. Been so uplifted and encouraged and reminded time and again by His Word esp. reading Psalm 121:2 “Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord who made the heaven and the earth.” What an assurance and hope! So, we continue to be sustained lacking nothing. The Lord has been faithfully sending us people to pray and even help us in practical ways. Praise God indeed!

Antipolo Navs Community

Thank God for the group of believers who are meeting every week faithfully. Thank God also for the team leaders who are ministering to them after office hours. Pray for spiritual growth, that they are Able to hear God, Be willing to obey & have Christ-like hearts

60th Anniversary Organizers

Successful 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Philippine Navigators last Jan 30, 2022


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