High School Conference (VisMin)

Event details

  • Friday | April 15, 2016 to Sunday | April 17, 2016
  • All Day
  • Camp Alano, Toril, Davao City


At the end of the conference, participants may

  1. Have gained better understanding of themselves (HS students). This is their venue to influence their network of relationships.
  2. Have learned to appreciate God and His active involvement in their development despite pains and difficulties.
  3. Have become more aware of the impact of Sin in their thinking and behaviour that leads to repentance and faith in the Lord.
  4. Have developed new attitudes and life skills to cope with life struggles
  5. Have better appreciation of themselves as individuals in the context of families and communities. (Self-image)

Who can join

  1. Nav Kids- High School students, children of Navigators (staff, labourers and Navigators’ Small Biblical Communities)
  2. High School Students with potential partnership with us in the ministry. They are part of Bible Study initiated by HS teachers or volunteers.
  3. Part of the youth work ages from 13-18 in any Nav community.