AUGUST 24-27 General Assembly

1. Organizational Matters (Evening Sessions)
a. New Policies
b. Board Selection
2. Staff, Leaders and Laborers Development. (Day Sessions)
a. For SBC (BS) Leaders – leading BS alone or with partner or team. – Aug. 25 – Saturday whole day
b. For ELC and PLC leaders – Those who are leading a local entity like campus YP etc. and Leading ministry area. – Aug 26. – Sunday whole day.
c. For full time staff – YDF, IS and FS and those who are planning to be full time. – Aug 27 – Monday.

Place: Sacro Costato , 15 Sct. Lozano St, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila.

You must PM Tinay Caranzo or Navigator AdminOffice or Randolf A. Bandonill if you are attending, ask them for details.

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