Our Focus in 2019 is Forming and Building Small Biblical Communities. and we understand that majority of the work in spiritual realm is done by God, that brings us to our knees in prayer and fasting to cultivate our dependence on God.

We have other programs that we are launching this 2019


In forming and building Small Biblical Community  among the youth (Campus and YP) are becoming a challenge. We understand the big gap between the older laborers and the youth today. We need more youth laborers who can mobilize their generation.

We are gathering youth leaders to whom we can pass on the Calling and the Vision. Youth who are willing to pay the cost of leading movement of the Gospel and His Kingdom in their generation.

On April we will be gathering these youth leaders and share our Calling and Vision, and encourage them to mobilize their peers to get involve.

Pleas pray for this.


Our Calling and Vision should not only happen here in the Philippines, it should also happen where our laborers go. We are now inviting our constituencies who felt called for mission. We have 4 types of Missionaries that we believe God has open to us.

  1. Asia Pacific Navs Missionary – This is the typical missionary that the PhilNavs will send and the Asia Pacific Navs will receive and deploy to priority countries.
  2. On-Loan Missionary – This is the missionary who wants to work with other diciplemaking organisation but would like bring with them our Calling and Vision.
  3. OFW Missionary – This are missionary who are working abroad, but would like to bring with them our Calling and Vision.
  4. Migrants Missionary – These are our laborers who migrated in other country but would like to bring with them our Calling and Vision.

If you are interest to be one of these type of missionary please communicate with the Mission Coordinator of the PhilNavs. admin@philnavs.com

Pray also for this different methods of sending Missionaries.


Our alumni and constituencies are now scattered all over the Philippines. We recognise that this scattering is with purpose. We want to map out our alumni and constituencies where Gos put them. We want to see what town and provinces they are in. We will invite one person in each town to be our CONTACT PERSON.

The Contact Person will:

  1. Receive special visits and orientation of what the Navigator is doing. our calling and vision, and special help in terms of coaching and mentoring from the staff to start his/her SBC.
  2. Their Name address and number will be put in our PhilNavs MAP (to be published later) as the contact person in that town or city and province.
  3. If there are Nav constituencies who happened to work, live or simply pass by, the Contact Person can be contacted for fellowship and encouragement.
  4. They can explain what Nav is to other Christians in the area.
  5. A Contact person will become our initial Ministry anchor in that town or City.
  6. We are praying that having a Contact Person in certain place a Nav Ministry will be born in that town/city where they are.

You can volunteer as our Contact Person by contacting us. We will make our visit as soon as we received your note.

Please pray that the Gospel of His Kingdom will spread in the areas where we are.


This team is helping the development of our staff (New and old), our local leaders who are usually laymen and our basic laborers who are leading SBC’s. These are composed of the Executive Team and the ND’s Accountability Team.

This 2019 the SLLDT will concentrate in the preparation of Materials. specially the different Essential Topics in our Establishing.

Pray for wisdom and resources that can be put together and a good presentation for


This is a support community as we pursue our Unified Ministry Direction. They are Staff and the invited Rabi’s who will now start studying issues that are confronting us and the Ministry.

We will be publishing summary of the results of each study as soon as they are finished.

Continue to pray for enlightenment form the Holy Spirit as they study the issue in the light of the scriptures.

You can also continue to send your concerns that make you wonder what really the Bible says about it.

Hermeneutical Community will also assist in the the Staff, Leaders and Laborers Development Team in the preparation of materials in terms of its Theological Correctness.


The shepherding are our counsellors, they help us in understanding some of our personal issues that are hindering us in our growth and transformation.  Many of them are professional counsellors. They teach SBC leaders basic counselling as part of discipling people. They also help individuals who needs professional counselling.

This year 2019, the Shepherding Team will help us understand a phenomenon that is so common to us now. Depression and suicide. They will be scheduling symposium in different ministry areas to help our constituencies, relative and friends to understand and help them to have practical steps on what to do.

Please pray for this program also, for wisdom and provisions as they visit ministry  areas.


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