2019 Focus #1: Small Biblical Community (SBC)

Five Year Focus (Jan. 2018-Dec.2022)

Last Year (2018) God gave us a clear direction as stated in our Unified Ministry Direction which is also our Vision:

“ We envision loving communities and laborers living out and proclaiming the Gospel of God’s Kingdom, leading to the transformation of hearts and lives, families and nations from one generation to another”

In order for us to move into this direction the Lord led us to focus on two things:

  1. Build loving Communities (John 13:34,35)
  2. Raise up laborers (Mat. 9:35-38, Mat. 28:18-20)

The Lord is so gracious to us that He did not only gave us the direction and the focus but also helped us to figure out HOW are we going to do it. He uses our experiences in the Ministry and helped us organized them and put it in a document.  This is our NavsPlayBook.

2019 FOCUS #1: Small Biblical Communities (SBC’s)

Last October 13, 2018 the Executive Team (ET), Overseers and Regional Coordinators met and ask the as question “which of the things written in our NavsPlayBook shall we do first so that we the Building Loving Communities and Raising up of Laborers shall happen?

We agreed that this year 2019 we will focus on forming and building Small Biblical Communities (SBC’s) across our ministry entities and in different ministry areas.

SBC’s are crucial to the rest of what we want to do because SBC is the building block of other forms of loving communities.  There will be no Entity Loving Community (ELC) and Permanent Loving Community (PLC)  without an SBC.

The second reason is the process of raising up Laborers are mostly happening at the SBC level.  Bulk of our Evangelism, Establishing, Equipping and Engaging (4E’s) are happening at SBC.

So if we want to see our calling and vision happening among us, let us first strengthen our SBC’s. Let us pray that the Lord will be glorified to work through us and let us put our best efforts as we focus on forming and building SBC’s as we follow His leading.

Let me review what is an SBC as found in our NavPlayBook.

Description of SBC

  • Our model of our SBC is the Lord Jesus and His small group of disciples that He journeyed to become the first leaders (Laborers) of the movement of the Gospel.
  • SBC is compose of 3-10 people – based on our experience if we want to do serious discipleship an effective number of people in a group is from 3 to 10.
  • Members of SBC must have some commonalities – eg. Same spiritual Journey, same age group, same status etc. – In our experience it is difficult to make progress if members of this small group is not homogeneous.
  • They have clear and common purpose of multiplying SBC as they move from different stages of growth with in 2 to 5 years.
    1. Pioneering –Evangelizing them if they are not believers yet and forming them into an SBC.
    2. Developing – Establishing young believer members in their walk with God
    3. Maturing – Equipping mature disciple members to become Laborers of the Kingdom
    4. Sending – Engaging the members to reach out to the lost.
  • They meet as often as they could on weekly or at least twice a month to grow together in the four characteristics.
  • Transformational – Study the Word and listen to God and to one another together and respond to Him in obedience.
  • Communal – Express their love, care and concern in order to serve one another.
  • Generational – growing to become laborers. One on One sessions to help develop multiplying laborers
  • Missional – Pray (depend), plan and advance the Kingdom of God together.
  • SBC is the cutting edge of our Ministry and display of God glorifying community, visible and attractive to the lost.
  • This is where the foundational discipleship is happening, the Laborers are being raised and most of the movement of the Gospel of God’s Kingdom is also happening

Starting and Leading SBC.

Forming and building SBC’s are not only for the staff but this is for every alumni and ordinary Navs who wants to get involve in advancing His Kingdom through spiritual generation of Laborers.

There are two things to keep in mind as we start and lead SBC.

  1. The stages of SBC’s – This important because this is the process in which we journey each members of the SBC from being lost to become a laborer of the Kingdom. This is the tasks as in our calling as God raise up laborers through us.

  1. The Characteristics of SBC – This important because this the heart of the ministry, we are not here just to accomplish the task, we are also here to love people as God loves them and to represent God’s Kingdom here on earth.

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