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Thankful I Was There | National Summer Training Program

National Summer Training Program

National Summer Training Program

by Jonathan P. Victolero

The last Summer Training Program gave me the unique opportunity to be exposed to the community of Tito Willy Manubay in Antipolo. I can still remember how excited the leaders of the community were when they saw us. They were very grateful for how our Heavenly Father sent us to serve them. I was deeply blessed to see them smile amidst the problems they were facing because of an inner assurance that God is by their side.

The ministry exposure helped me a lot to see my ongoing ministry as a Youth Development Facilitator in a different perspective. I am assigned at my alma mater, a state university where some students can’t even afford a 50-centavo photocopy. I learned from my experience to be more compassionate, and it deepened my conviction as God’s ambassador and the realization that my life should be a living testimony of God’s loving grace. I can say that, speaking on behalf of the other summer trainees, we are grateful we were there.

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