Wency and Cel Dela Viña

Personal and Ministry Background:

Wency and Cel met at University of the Philippines–Los Baños when they were about to graduate in college. They became believers during the later part of 1970’s. Both worked in Los Banos after they graduated and became involved with ministry. Wency later did research in Water Management at International Research Institute, while Cel worked as a biology teacher. They were married in March 1984 and both resigned from their jobs in 1986 to start a Navigator ministry in Naga City.

Their time in Naga was a foundational period for them as they learned a lot from God through their experiences and involvement with different kinds of ministry – school, students, churches and pastors.

In 1995, they returned to UPLB and assumed leadership of the UPLB ministry. Wency became the National Director of the Navigators Philippines in January 1998 and is currently serving his second term till December 2007.

They have three sons, Paulo (20), Jonathan (17) and Angelo (15).

Wency and Cel desire to see thousands of small biblical communities (SBC) of believers in different parts of the country, exhibiting grace, love, integrity and compassion to the needy. They focus on training leaders who can develop more SBCs anywhere in the country. Aside from developing SBCs in their hometown of Los Baños, Wency is involved in coaching leaders in Bicol and Laguna area as well as the Philippine Navigator staff in different ministry areas.

The kind of responsibility that Wency has requires substantial financial support. He travels frequently both within the Philippines and abroad, for strategic planning and coaching of leaders in Asia. Please consider partnering with Wency and Cel as they dedicate their lives to the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

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