Elvie Pajaro

Personal and Ministry Background:

Elvie enjoys kids and loves to teach. So when an opportunity sprung up to reach out to out-of-school youth in Masinag, Rizal Elvie readily volunteered to be one of the kids’ teachers. She colabors with Willy and Diana Manubay, and Zeny Villena in this weekend school for youth. On Saturday evenings, Elvie with the rest of the team meet up with a community of around 10 neighboring families in Pagrai. The evenings are spent in gathering together to pray, study the Bible, and share a meal. The kids, the parents, the grandparents and other friends are all gathered in one house for the fellowship.

One of Elvi’s spiritual gifts is helping. She is able to exercise this gift in the context of the Polytechnic University Navigator Campus Ministry. Elvi comes alongside Leonilito and Jean Migraso in following-up key girls in that campus.

A main concern of Elvi these days is giving emotional and spiritual support to her eldest brother who was sent to prison by his political rival’s malicious maneuverings. Keeping faith in the Ultimate Judge who upholds truth and justice, Elvi and her family are on their knees asking for justice for this brother who was wrongfully accused. The case is now being appealed at the Supreme Court. Pray with Elvi for the reopening and review of the case. May God’s purposes be done in people’s lives through all these difficulties.

Through the Navigators Campus Ministry in Cebu, Elvi came to know Jesus. She hails from Camiguin, an island famous for its seven active volcanoes and sweet lanzones.

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