Personal and Ministry Background

“I was bored with church as a boy,” recalls Dan. “Not only had I heard the Bible stories over and over, but my Sunday School teachers were my very own sisters! So I was happy, as a teen, to be done with that and to spend long hours hanging out with guys who had no use for such things. One Sunday morning, though, my sister got my attention by warning me that, were the Lord to return that day, I would be left behind. I took her warning to heart.” It was not long before I found myself talking to the pastor who explained what it meant to trust as Savior and to follow Him as Lord. I decided that day to do just that. And just a few weeks later, I attended a youth camp at which I resolved to devote my life to the service of Christ. I wasn’t sure what that would mean, but that was my heart’s desire.

As a first-year student at Araneta University, Dan met Kuya Philip Flores, the leader of the Navigators ministry on campus. Kuya Philip discipled Dan—first as a student, and later as a young professional. As a schoolteacher at Rizal High School in Pasig City, Dan pioneered a ministry to high school and technical school students.

Like most Filipinos, Connie was born and raised in a Catholic family and tried to be a good Catholic. “I was very devout,” recalls Connie, “but my religious devotion did not quench a deep hunger in my heart for truth. I responded to Jehovah’s Witnesses’ invitation to study the Bible with them, but my heart-hunger remained unsatisfied. I told the Lord: ‘If you really you love me, You will lead me to the truth.’ My prayer was answered when, at an evangelistic crusade in front of our house, I heard the preacher proclaiming the gospel in a way that was simple but clear. He clarified from John 3:16 about God’s love and His gift of His Son deeply touched my heart. And it was at that crusade that I met a group of Bible school students who encouraged me to join them in their studies at a Bible school. It was there that I came to faith in Christ and committed my life to serve Him.”

Connie was the Christian education director at a church in Dan’s hometown—Teresa, Rizal—when she and Dan met. They were married in 1979. They have two children: Noel and Len.
Dan and Connie have been full time field staff with The Navigators for almost thirty years. Dan left his teaching job at Rizal High School to work full-time with The Navigators in 1984. He and Connie pioneered a campus ministry in Cabanatuan City from 1984 to 1991. In 1991, the Carigmas transferred to Baguio City to lead the student ministry there, and in 2001, they transferred to Los Banos. In 2005, Dan assumed the leadership of the Navigators’ Church Discipleship Ministry nationwide.

Current Ministry

Dan currently “wears two hats” in ministry. He is the director of the Navigators Church Discipleship Ministry nationwide, as well as the director of the Navigators’ ministries in southern Luzon.

As director of the Church Discipleship Ministry, Dan is responsible for:

  • Training church leaders in “intentional disciplemaking”
  • Coaching churches that have indicated the desire start a campus ministry

As director of Navigators ministries in southern Luzon, Dan is responsible for:

  • Oversight of diverse ministries (including high school and university ministries, ministry to professionals and communities)
  • Mentoring lay leaders in Makati and in Southern Luzon-including the Bicol region (Naga, Albay, and Camarines Sur) and the Southern Tagalog region (Laguna, Cavite, and Batangas)

Prayer requests include:

For Navigators ministries in Southern Luzon:

 Increasing capacity for Dan amidst increasing responsibilities.
 The Lord’s provision of a full time worker in Bicol. The ministries in three areas are led by laymen who are all busy in their work.
 Coordination and groupings of the Navigator alumni are working in Makati and in the CALABAR Zone.
 Training of leaders and potential leaders who will serve as coordinators and facilitators of small Biblical communities.
 God’s provision in visiting the different ministry areas.


For the Church Discipleship Ministry:

 Pastors and church leaders will catch the vision of discipleship, making it a vital part of church activities.
 Contextualized teaching materials for training the church leaders in the provinces.
 Mentoring of pastors in the different regions.
 Funds for training pastors in depressed areas.
 The Church Discipleship Ministry is involved in training Bible school students in San Pablo City. Our concern is that they develop conviction in discipling others.



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