Prayer Bulletin – December 2021

Issue No. 12 • December 2021

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

Prayer is beyond any question the highest activity of the human soul. Man is at his greatest and highest when upon his knees he comes face to face with God. – Martyn Lloyd-Jones


Prayer Requests

I. National Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for love, unity and renewed zeal for the Lord among all Nav staff and contacts in pursuing our UMD.
  2. Pray for humility before the Lord and with one another as we serve the Lord together.
  3. Thank God for all the prayer and financial supporters of the Navigator ministry. May the Lord wonderfully bless them in all aspects and grant them remarkable success.
  4. Comfort to those who lost their loved ones during this pandemic.
  5. Our Monthly Staff Meetings where we are revisiting the different ministry processes needed to pursue our calling of raising up laborers.
  6. We are raising up funds (1M) for fencing and simple structures on donated property in Cagayan de Oro and Davao City.

With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may count you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith. 2 Thessalonians 1:11



A. Northern Luzon (Baguio, La Trinidad, Cabanatuan, Muñoz, Ilocos)

Baguio Community

  1. Good health and protection for all
  2. Na lahat ng Beckel, Camp 7, Cabinet Hill community members maging prayerful.
  3. To enjoy God’s presence in prayer, spiritual growth.
  4. For complete healing for Rosemarie Dapo, a cancer patient.
  5. Permanent job for Sis Analyn Banding, Sis Daila and husband Gayamara.
  6. For everyone to be bold enough to share God’s word and apply the things that we learn in our lives.
  7. For healing of Jun Zareno, a cancer patient.
  8. For senior citizens that they will enjoy life to the fullest especially our earthly parents and that they will finish the race for God’s glory, as we obey to reap abundant blessings physically and spiritually
  9. For the former boss of Landy to be enlightened, be forgiven and be reconciled to his family

Val Alfonso

  1. We have 2 schedules of house visits with families of our alumni. Purpose: Bible study and evangelism with their family members. Please pray for a fruitful time and that the Holy Spirit will lead us along the way.

Alma Villacarlos

  1. Good health, protection, spiritual growth for my loved ones, contacts and ministry partners;
  2. Good internet connectivity during Bible studies and meetings;
  3. God’s wisdom in meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of my family and contacts;
  4. Pray for Rhodz, who works in Japan, that her company will continue operating in the midst of this pandemic;
  5. Protection for contacts and foster children from PMA who are now young military officers

Jun Andaya

  1. Fruitful ministry among senior citizens
  2. Good health, protection for family
  3. Healing of his eczema
  4. For Rose not to experience adverse effects of the vaccine. She will take the shot after ten days.

B. Metro Manila

Phil Navs 60th anniversary

Claim the following promises:
  • Isaiah 60:1-4 “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord is upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and His glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light and kings to the brightness of your dawn. Lift up your eyes and look about you: All assemble and come to you, your sons come from afar and your daughters are carried on the hip.”
  • Isaiah 58:12- “Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age old foundation… Pray that as we celebrate this momentous 60th anniversary, we will be reminded of God’s dealings, discipline & deliverance & goodness to the Philippine Navigator family to help us pursue God & His calling with renewed eagerness & take more risks in our spiritual journey and not lose our vision. Pray that many will be encouraged to join for a God glorifying celebration, Pray for good internet connection & no power interruption. Pray for those involved in the preparation to have creative ideas for virtual celebration & unity as they work together
  1. Pray that as we celebrate this momentous 60th anniversary, we will be reminded of God’s dealings, discipline & deliverance & goodness to the Philippine Navigator family to help us pursue God & His calling with renewed eagerness & take more risks in our spiritual journey and not lose our vision.
  2. Pray that many will be encouraged to join for a God glorifying celebration,
  3. Pray for good internet connection & no power interruption.
  4. Pray for those involved in the preparation to have creative ideas for virtual celebration & unity as they work together

Ronnie & Glo

  1. Pray for more committed, faithful & strong prayer warriors to pray for the Navigator ministry
  2. Pray for the salvation of unsaved loved ones & also our family in Bangladesh, *Pray for healing of Abba – Asad’s father & Ammu- Sharmin’s mother
  3. Pray for strength & good health to be able to serve well & finish all needed tasks
  4. Pray for quality time with family & friends in Cebu (December 24- January 1)
  5. Pray for intimacy with God, to really seek God’s guidance & fully depend on Him alone, to trust & obey Him whatever is His leading after December 2022, end of ND term
  6. Renewed enthusiasm to run & finish the race well, to continue to fight spiritual battles for His Kingdom & for His glory alone.

Cris & Dothy


  1. Pray for continuous growth of the adult believers so that they will become witnesses for God’s glory
  2. Pray for more new kitab study from the tutorial students


  1. Pray for a restful break even for a few days this Christmas
  2. Strength & good health for all in the family
  3. Pray for focus for Kat in her review, wisdom & guidance
  4. Pray for continuity of the scholarship of Lem


  1. Pray for the completion of the requirements for the Daycare registration
  2. Pray for more laborers in this side of the harvest. Claim Matthew 9:38

Rachel de Leon

  1. Please continue to pray for good health & protection from any harm/sickness for my family Dad, Dave & Angeline in NY also for Reiann & me


  1. Good health, strength and wisdom every day in preparing orders. To be calm mindful always not giving in to pressure, to do my best always. Pray for salvation for my unsaved family and friends. Restful & quality time with family this Christmas break.

Remy Biglang-awa

  1. Praise God for healing her & providing for her needs. Thank God for all the people HE touched to be channels of blessing for her. Pray for fast & complete recovery.

Benjamin Flores

  1. Safe & happy trip for my daughter Love, an OFW coming from Thailand on Dec 15. – Merrier CHRISTmas celebration for my sons: BenJeMar-Hope in Seoul, Korea; Christian-Joy in Sorsogon City. Both are away from home.
  2. Continue to pray for God’s healing & comfort for the families of those who were called home by God already & remember their life stories for His glory: Sammy Esguerra- just recently, Kuya Willy & Ate Dianne, Jek Dizon, Kuya Lani, Nel Loterinia
Psalms 57: 1 , 2, & 3 Have mercy on me, O God have mercy on me, for in you my soul takes refuge I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings…. I cry out to God Most High! To God, who fulfills His purpose for me. Be exalted O God above the Heavens. Let your Glory be over all the Earth.

B. Antipolo

  1. Praise the Lord for the believers in this community! Thank God for all the blessings, providing daily food and other needs in the midst of this pandemic. Pray for God to cause them to grow strong in their faith, that God will empower them to be a bright & strong light to non-believers in the community. Pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding in their daily activities, their business, professions and career and pray that God will touch their hearts and minds and souls to do good things and to share God’s words, that they may become inspiration and blessings to others.
  2. Praise God for the committed leaders. Pray for good teamwork & unity among the leaders of the community. Pray for God’s protection over them. Pray for the Holy Spirit of God to empower them and grant them wisdom and favor in their work and provide them zeal and courage needed to faithful service. Pray that as they become faithful in little things, God will increase their capacity to serve. Pray also for God to send more loving workers to help. Claim Matt 9:38
  3. Pray for Ruby & Emman Navalan that they may have patience and wisdom and blessing of love in taking good care of their children, that they may teach them and lead them in His ways. Pray for Eliyah, their little one for her situation in her Autism journey to bless her body with strength and good health and that she will be able to speak her feelings, can compose sentences and be always calm. Bless her Lord and her doctors and therapist and her parents to help her in her journey. Guide and bless their decision making. And that they will become stronger in every challenge in life. Praying for blessing for their small business to help others. Pray for their Auntie Phix and Uncle Roldan to bless them and unite them again, bless their hearts to forgive and surround them with God’s love.
  4. Beth – Thank God for enabling her to graduate this December! Pray for her job application that she will be accepted and that she will be able to do her best & fulfill the task required well.
  5. Pray for complete healing for the following:
    1. Helen, bedridden due to aneurysm
    2. Edralyn – wife of Maiku, for God to bless the medicines she is taking
    3. Kim healing from colds & cough, guidance
    4. Zayra -12 years old, healing from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
    5. Berna – correct diagnosis
    6. Parents of Axl Eric – finally out from the hospital now recovering at home
    Also thank God for all the help given by the loving Nav community in Antipolo
  6. Munting Paaralan – Thank God for using this program as “connecting pond” to people in Antipolo community. Many of those who are involved in the ministry now are product of this. Thank God for all the volunteer teachers some of whom are previous students of this program. Pray for wisdom & creativity, how to enhance mathematical skills and reading comprehension. Thank God for Kathleen Manubay Bernandino for her help in producing materials. Pray that leaders & laborers for His Kingdom will be raise from this program. Pray for wisdom how to help the senior HS students pass the entrance exam in good university or college.
  7. Antipolo Kabuhayan program – Pray for ways & means to help create livelihood for the people in the community. Pray for God’s blessing on the small sari-sari stores and other endeavors to have daily food for the family
  8. Christmas party preparation, finances – thank God for some donations received so far but more are needed to accommodate about 200 members. Pray for wisdom and clear coordination to ensure a peaceful, orderly and happy Christ centered celebration for His glory. Health protocols must be observed.

C. South Luzon

  1. unity and wisdom for Region 4 Team (Wency, Rico A, Jun E, and Nani) and Region 5 Team (Wency, Dan N, Ed C, Renz, Erika, Chqi) in making decisions regarding ministry in South Luzon division and its expansion amidst the pandemic; full trust in God for implementation of their respective plans;
  2. application of the principles of whole-life discipleship and empowerment in all ministry areas in SL resulting in empowered communities and individuals living a loving and purposeful life;
  3. growth in faith of all people involved in the Navs (Los Baños, San Pablo, Tagaytay, Tanauan, Tiaong) & CHAI (Milaor, Naga, Bacacay,Tabaco) as all staff and members continue to care for one another in many aspects of life and help everyone to make convictions based on God’s word and to discern one’s contribution as laborer in the harvestfield; for daily leading and empowerment from God to do His work;
  4. wisdom and unity for the Los Baños leadership team (Bert Tagalog, Rene Vega, Val Madrid, and Lawrence Uy) in leading the ministry, as they implement their programs in a loving community setting.
  5. more prayer partners and faithful givers for the ministry and personal needs of staff/volunteers;
  6. eagerness to know more about God for the members of our new/evangelistic bible studies (community, college students; couples), application of lessons learned and victory against the work of the devil
  7. continued commitment for God-glorifying homes for the Acordas, Anonuevos, Batos, Dela Viñas, Junsays, Logronios, Madrids, Manalos, Mercados, Merles, Tews, Tuanos, Vegas, and Veruasas as we all apply lessons from the Word and from the Couples meetings (2x a month) facilitated by Rene and Ada Vega
  8. protection and wisdom in ministering to the different communities in San Pablo city and Tiaong, Quezon for the new Navstaff – Rico & Lea, Romy and Luz, Ed and Jen, and their co-laborers in the City of Blessings Church like Rudy & Edna and Alvin & Kath;
  9. thanksgiving for the release of funds from the LGU for City of Blessings church in San Pablo that will help the livelihood of SBC members; thanks also for the unexpected donation of a used vehicle for better ministry mobilization in Region IV and enough funds to buy the church lot in Tiaong;
  10. opportunities to share God’s word in Sannera and Lynville Residences 2 and beyond, San Pablo for Romy/Luz and Ed/Jen, respectively; that their lives will be blessings to the neighborhood
  11. for deep passion for God, wisdom, guidance and strength as Gene & Glo Veruasa minister to their constituents; for Macey (an INC that meet with Glo for bs) to understand the Gospel and put her faith in Jesus; that God will touch the hearts of the youth and mothers of Villegas community so that they will receive Jesus as Savior and Lord; for the first year college students to have wisdom in their studies and God’s provision for their needs; for God’s healing, protection from infection and complications for Glo’s aunt whose eyes were pierced with broom stick; that Glo’s sister Beth and her daughter will grow in their faith, and for other relatives to become believers; for the young professionals in our SBCs to grow spiritually and become good testimonies in their families and work; for God’s provision of job for Len and Lea; wisdom and strength as Richard and Dannah parent their daughter Raya; for Aaron to have wisdom and favor as he defends his thesis this month; for Nikki’s adjustment in her new job; for Wisdom and strength for Vic, Ella, Liza, Denise and Migs as they teach in UPLB; for deep passion for God, wisdom, guidance and strength as we minister to our constituents.
  12. healing touches of God to Dan, Connie, and Len Carigma as they deal with health challenges; also continued financial provision, protection, and strength;
  13. CHAI Naga – for learners’ hearts and growth in faith of all people involved in the ministry served by Dan & Angie and Wawee; continued zeal of all the youth in Dalipay communities; men to be involved in bs
  14. Team Tabaco (CHAI Albay – Renz & Maeden, Joe, Erika, Luigie, Chqi) –
    1. provisions of jobs, finances, and healing (physical and emotional) for community members and PLC leaders in Tabaco city and Bacacay, Albay;
    2. spiritual growth of all volunteers and their families, adults, youth, kids;
    3. successful implementation of Hope Stores (livelihood project) in Tabaco;
    4. harmonious relationships in all communities;
    5. regular bible study in Buhian;
  15. successful fundraising for church building in Tiaong, Quezon that is being helped by pastors Rico, Ed, and Rudy
  16. good health and provisions for the family of Loloy & Nhidz Aparato in Mindoro
  17. guidance in the jobs of professionals/working people in SL (LosBanos, SanPablo, Tagaytay, Tanauan, Tiaong, Milaor, Naga, Bacacay, Tabaco), some work-from-home, others face-to-face, and perseverance of students in remote learning;
  18. guidance in the studies, spiritual growth, and commitment to disciple others for the UPLB students in the bible study groups of Lawrence and Lala;
  19. clients every month for Luz Hernandez, a part-time Sunlife insurance advisor; for her to be creative, effective, and a loving teacher; for good internet connecction for online classes.
  20. healing for Weng (Lala’s aunt), fully trusting God for restoration of good health
  21. for Wency and Cel dela Viña to continue to unselfishly serve the people they are ministering; for all Nav staff, CHAI volunteers, and everyone involved in the ministry and loved ones to appropriate God’s peace amidst challenging realities today, like pandemic, COVID19 infection, and other health concerns.
  22. fruitful time of all participants from South Luzon division in the Asia Pacific Campus Forum 2021 (online Nov 2021 and 2022)
  23. peaceful election season in our country and may the good triumph over evil candidates
  24. leadership training of new staff Reyan & Arlene Moriel (Bicol) and leaders in San Pablo, Tiaong, and Maharlika ministries this December and also in January.
  25. Gene and Glo Veruasa
    1. Please pray that Macey (an INC that meet with me for Bs) will understand the Gospel and put her faith in Jesus.
    2. Pray that God will touch the hearts of the youth and mothers of Villegas community so that they will receive Jesus as Savior and Lord; pray, too that the first year college students will have wisdom in their studies; pray for God’s provision for their needs.
    3. Pray for God’s healing for my (Glo) aunt whose eyes was pierced with broom stick. Please pray for protection from infection nd complications. Please pray that my sister Beth and her daughter will grow in their faith, and for the rest of my relatives to become believers.
    4. For the young professionals in our SBCs to grow spiritually and become good testimonies in their families and work. Pray for God’s provision of job for Len nd Lea. Wisdom and strength as Richard and Dannah parent their daughter Raya. Pray for Aaron for wisdom and favor as he defends his thesis this month. Pray for Nikki’s adjustment in her new job. Wisdom and strengtj for Vic, Ella, Liza, Denise and Migs as they teach in UP.
    5. Pray for deep passion for God, wisdom, guidance and strength as we minister to our constituents.



A. Cebu

  1. From Nilda Umbao : Pray for a house helper or a working student to stay at their house in Bulacao, Pardo
  2. From Lani Gador – Johnson: Please pray for harmonious ministry and collaboration with local pastors in Moalboal, Cebu.
  3. Pls pray for Elvi Pajaro, as she has difficulty sleeping lately. She’s taking low dose tranquilizer and seeking help from a health professional to rest and sleep better.
  4. Pray with Elen Marcojos as she is praying that her 3x a week dialysis be reduced to 2x. She’s also praying for the Lord Jesus’ favor to restore her kidney function.
  5. Pray for unity of spirit amongst older alumni to reconnect and be connected with Cebu Navs fellowship for mutual cooperation and discipleship.
  6. Pls pray for Feleumar “Bobet” Caracut as he steers and think of ways to encourage loving communities to thrive here in Cebu.
  7. Thank God for the <40 students who attended to the online freshmen fellowship treat. Pls pray that the organizing team headed by Carlo Atienza & Cindy Moreno would be able to follow them up closely.

B. Western Visayas

  1. Upcoming Christmas special of CPU Navs (pray for resources for outreach, freshmen students to join in the event, joyful heart as we fellowship online and reconnect with other students)
  2. Blessings and favor for all the support partners in the ministry work.
  3. Unity among the staff team in the Western Visayas work.
  4. At least 2 laborers to join us in the ministry work.
  5. That God would prepare the hearts of those whom He called to partner to support financially in the work as we prepare to do our fundraising for 2022 budget.
  6. Salvation and healing to our family members and loved ones.
  7. Spiritual growth of each new contacts as they come closer their relationship with the Lord
  8. An opportunity to share the gospels to the students and also to their families and loved ones

B. Other Contacts & Constituents

  1. Anna Liza Delicana: Still praying for a teaching position in the US and go there together with my family
  2. Victoria dela Cruz: Pray for freedom from fear and strength & good health for the family



A. Davao

  1. Praise God for God’s enabling for Jonathan to comply with his work deliverables, some of which were backlogs of the past team leader. Pls continue to pray for the issuance of his clearance from DOST. Pls pray too for integrity of heart and skillful hands as he leads the team. Pray that with God’s grace and enabling, he would be able to win their confidence, support and cooperation. Pray continually for his dependence on the Lord and his protection from COVID.
  2. Jorisam Rojas, principal in a public high school in Mati, Davao Oriental, has started sharing God’s Word in their weekly faculty devotion and meeting. Pls pray this will inspire them in their work, comfort them in their concerns and create hunger in their hearts for the Word.
  3. Pls pray for the Davao Nav anniversary and Christmas fellowship on December 11. Pls pray for wisdom and anointing for the young couples who are in charge and for all that have responsibilities. Pray that the program would truly be a celebration of God’s faithfulness. Pls pray the Davao Navs would be inspired to love, trust, obey and serve God more.
  4. Pls pray continually for favorable response to the research grant Joyce applied for. Pls pray too for the Lord to sustain her through the stresses of data gathering and analysis for her dissertation and to protect her from any flair of her Crohn’s disease.
  5. For the Lord to continue to prosper the business ventures (dormitory, farm, WrapNHop, Dandom’s, cakes and pastries, construction, supplements, machineries, engineering services) of some Davao Navs and jobs of the working people (especially those that need to meet quota) despite the pandemic.
  6. Many of the Davao young professionals are health workers (doctors, nurses, med techs). Please pray for God’s special protection for them against COVID and all its variants.
  7. Many working people in Davao report to their offices for work on certain days of the week if not daily. Some go on travels as part of their jobs. Please pray for protection against COVID for them, especially those that commute to work.
  8. Praise the Lord for the release of Neil Umac’s appointment with DepEd. Pls pray for the quick processing of other requirements for the release of his salary. Pls continue to pray for Neil to be able to start the BS with the 3 young people who are part of the Davao Nav outreach in Paquibato. Three female students had started attending BS. Pls pray for sustained interest and commitment for them. Pls pray that the other youth would be encouraged and would have the means to study God’s Word virtually.




May Monforte Milton

  1. Thank God for her life & leadership as she is meeting with Nav alumni regularly. Thank God for her love to minister & reach out to others.
  2. Pray for protection from the new Omicron variant especially for all the Nav alumni & front liners working there. COVID cases are rising there and may declare lockdown again.
  3. Pray for mutual encouraging times through Word & prayer even through virtual meetings. Pray for spiritual growth for the following members of the team: Jan William & wife Glen with son Sandro, Glenda with husband Bong & 2 teenage sons Meil & Glyne, Glenia Dunque & family, Pam Puebla & Pauline Orbe.
  4. Jeanette Lademora will be going back to the Philippines on December 8, pray for her safety. Thank God for Jeanette who is part of their fellowship there.


  1. Brian Castaneros: One simple prayer is I have a Nigerian neighbor that I befriended this September. Please pray that our time spent in talking will lead to inviting him to our local church here in Carolina and for him to know Christ as Lord & Savior. Please remember him in your daily pleading to God.
  2. Ryan Basabe Manubag: Thank God for the many blessings for the family, a good teaching job in the USA, 3 wonderful children & beautiful wife Aileen now together with him. Please pray that they will be granted by the Commission of Filipinos overseas with “No Objection” & ultimately be granted with a green card so they can stay there permanently after the end of his program. Also pray for their church “International Victory Christian Church” as they are raising funds to put up a church building. Thank God for the fellowship and encouragement and pray for spiritual growth.


Inday PI

Thank God for the successful exit from Phil. Immigration and entry to Abu Dhabi airport of Ericson Mandal tomorrow. Pray for safety for Plaza, Mayangos and Tayong family as we will take a year ender trip to Khorfakan UAE Dec. 1-4; Dubai Dec. 12-14. Also pray for spiritual growth for all members of our family.

Answered Prayers and Praises

“Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits— who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” Psalm 103:1-5, NIV

Metro Manila

  1. Praise the Lord for His boundless grace that relates us together in His ministry and calling in Christ for all eternity. Thank God for His love, mercy & grace for 60 years & beyond to PhilNavs.

Ronnie & Glo

  1. Thank God for more laborers in His harvest field, many Nav alumni are reconnecting and still interested to pursue God’s calling for the Navs
  2. Thank God for all the Nav staff & associates & for the Nav family
  3. Thank God for the many small prayer groups (about 44) sprouting nationwide
  4. Praise & thank God for His faithful protection & provision in the midst of this pandemic
  5. Thank God for all the prayer & financial supporters of PhilNavs

Cris & Dothy

  1. Thank God for the 1st year anniversary for the Mother’s class
  2. Thank God for the spiritual growth/ growing faith of the constituents in the midst of this pandemic
  3. Thank God for His protection for the family, Doris had her 2nd dose already
  4. Thank God for the continuous study of Lem and for Kat’s review classes
  5. Thank God for the blessed 26 years as a couple
  6. Thank God for His provision for the enrolment of Noralyn & Ashnaira
  7. Thank God for His protection for all the members


  1. Praise the Lord for the successful surgery of Jarvis, Rey and Charlyn Coyme’s baby boy (almost 3 months old) for hernia last November 8.
  2. Praise God with Noralyn Tiempo and Rubelyn Enriquez for the fun and cooperation of the Nav kids as they recorded their special dance number for the Davao Nav Christmas and anniversary fellowship.

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