December, 2016

Dear Navigator Family,
Merry Christmas!
The birth of Christ is the Father’s gift of love to us. He is the Reason for the season. God, in His unconditional love for us, gave His Only Begotten Son to redeem us from sin through His death on the cross. This message has to be preached to all nations as mandated by Christ to His disciples. The Navigators is committed to fulfill His Great Commission as we abide by His Great Commandment.

This Christmas, as we celebrate God’s love and aim to fulfill our mandate from the Lord for 2017, we would like to ask for your financial support. Coined , this special project aims to recruit at least 1000 partners who would give at least P 1,000 as a special gift so we could raise a minimum of P 1 million to fund the following needs of the ministry:

  1. Administration – P200K
    The administration fund usually comes from the small percentage deducted from the giving of the staff. With the limited income, the administration has accumulated a huge deficit.

  2. Seed Money for the next leadership, whose term starts in January, 2018 – P200k
    The Nav Executive Team is committed to leave a good sum as seed money for the next leadership.

  3. Pioneering High School Ministry – P200K
    Ministry in more than 10 HS campuses all over the country has been established and are being led by volunteers and high school teachers. This will serve as a pool of future leaders for the dwindling college ministry. The fund will be used for leader development.

  4. Youth Development Facilitators – P200K
    The YDF are young leaders who are being trained to reinforce the leadership in campuses. The national office provides each YDF a monthly subsidy of P2k. Usually, there are 6 YDFs per year.

  5. National Summer Training Program – P100K (May 24-29, 2017)
    This program equips student leaders, volunteers and staff, who reach out and disciple the youth. Around 60 are expected to participate.

  6. National Family Camp – P100K (August 26-28, 2017/Manila)
    This conference on the theme “Fruitfulness through the Seasons of Life” will focus on the Nav CORE and family- or career-related concerns. The fund will subsidize the fares of the participants from Visayas and Mindanao.

Should God put this burden in your heart, you can send in your P1k until February 15, 2017 to:

Navigator Ministries, Inc
SA# 3153 – 2344 – 76
BPI Aurora Boulevard

Please indicate it is for ; scan your deposit slip and email to .

Let us encourage our Nav family and friends to join this partnership. Thank you in advance.

If you have questions, you can contact me at 0925 57138963;
Jen Carigma, Administration Director, at 0925-7138963;
Bert Tagalog, BOT point-person for fundraising, at 0947-7551616; and
Executive Team Fred Nadela at 0925-5231491,
Ched Arzadon at 0922-8090812, and
Randy Bandonill at 0932-9813934.

Your partners in Christ’s work
Jose D. Victolero & Executive Team

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