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Our Praise of Thanks

by Kevin Desabelle on March 25, 2013

For the waking on the right side of the bed
For the sense of wonder that remains in our head

For breathable air in this suburban morn
For the life of the living every day reborn

For ever-sufficient loads on the backs of men
For relief from burdens every now and then

For the humble, quiet love of simple folk
For the joy that lingers long after the joke

For failure of memory when we’d rather forget
For perils we’re fortunate to have never met

For notes to be grateful in the thick of day
For cues to the eternal in the temporal way

For terrible grace toward unspeakable wrong
For crosses that slay us yet show us we belong

For other things you let us love for love of you
For loving us still when we don’t love you too

For blessings overlooked and those that surprise
For hard lessons that couldn’t be learned otherwise

For strokes of comfort to broken, grieving hearts
For hope and hanging on until heaven starts

For Good News in all ways good and new all the time:
Praises that sometimes don’t but sometimes rhyme

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