Giving for Jun and Merlie Espiritu




Jun Espiritu grew up in a Christian home and with his grandmother as first Bible teacher. His Sunday school, regular prayer and Bible study meetings were held in their home. His father was friends with the first American Navigator missionaries Gene Tabor and Gene Denler. His dad introduced him to Philip Flores when he was in second-year high school and began his journey with the Navs thereafter. Jun was involved for a while in UP Diliman ministry. He spent several years in an Australian Bible School. Jun got involved in ministry at his home church and Philip invited him to join the then DTI (Discipleship Training Institute). DTI is now called CDM (Church Discipleship Ministry) a ministry to pastors and church leaders. The ministry has brought him to different provinces in the country and some Asian countries to promote intentional disciplemaking in churches. Furthermore, the pandemic has brought him to be part of the South Luzon region ministry now being based in San Pablo City, Laguna. Jun is married to Merlie with three sons and 4 granddaughters and another granddaughter on the way.