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Christian Music Festival, A Night with the Father

Christian Music Festivalby Hannah Luyao

The Christian Music Festival (CMF) is an event organized by the Davao Navigators as a way of bringing Christ to a large audience by means of a concert. This year’s CMF is the second concert and has the theme “The Rhythm of the Father’s Heart.” As a part of Davao Navigators, I was tasked to be a dancer for the opening act of the concert. This allowed me to see CMF in both viewpoints: as a performer and as a spectator.

As a performer, I had to join the practices for the dance. Looking at it on the outside, it may seem tiring to have to spend hours practicing the routine and go home late. But because I saw the dedication and enthusiasm of my fellow dancers, I felt really inspired to join and give my best in the practices. It was during the practices that new friendships were formed and developed. As someone who is not originally from Davao, I really see this as God’s handiwork because He gave us true friends who understand the same things we are going through: the pressure not only from the dance but even in real life, and the exhaustion. Thankfully, we focused on the fun we were having so that we won’t think much of these things. Also, we always made it a point to think of the people who will be watching us. We wanted them to see the talents God has graced us with so that it may inspire them to come closer to Him and be willing to be used by Him. With this in mind, we were determined to set aside the muscle pains, the sweat, and the other problems in life. I was really blessed by the willingness of the performers, not only the dancers, but also the bands, to really bring a good show so that other people might be blessed, too.

As a spectator, I was really amazed by the performance of the bands. It was really the kind of concert that most people watch, and the best thing about it was that its goal was not worldly but Godly. I was happy to know that three of my best friends really left our course’s acquaintance party (which happened to occur simultaneously with CMF) just to watch the concert. I really thank the Lord for giving my friends the opportunity to experience Him in a really fun yet powerful way. Not setting aside the theme, I was moved when the fathers came forward and were prayed over. Most of the audience was young people, so it surprised me a little when there were so many fathers who were actually around. The theme was also timely because the celebration of Father’s Day was recently held. I think that all of the people who were there would find the theme relevant because no matter what our experiences with our own fathers are, we know that we all have one earthly father. And even though not all of us have the privilege to be with them, we do know that we still have our heavenly Father to hold on to.

I think that the CMF this year was really successful because we were able to see the fruits of our labor and the favor of God as we pushed through with the event. It was a really good way to spend the night and I am hoping to be involved with more CMFs in the future.

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