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Bantayan Island | Rose “Lola” Patalinghug, Young Professional

Each person has his or her own capabilities and talents according to what was given him by God. God knows what I’m capable of; that’s why He has put in my heart to volunteer in the Bantayan rebuilding.

He has not only given me a mind to think, but he has also provided me with the wisdom needed to deal with the situations that have arisen during the repair process in one of the houses, situations that required immediate decisions and actions to be taken. Amidst the rain, uncomfortable sleeping conditions, unfortunate circumstances, He has guided me through it all.

When the day seemed to be full of mundane tasks that sometimes felt worthless, He gave me pause e and reminded me why I was there in the first place—to bring glory to His name to the beneficiaries, the students, the carpenters, and even the store owner in the market where we buy groceries. We are His representatives bringing His name.

I knew I had to do the mundane tasks well for others to see my God in me so that He alone would be glorified in all of this.

I, a frontline volunteer, the YP planners, and the generous donors were touched by God to share a part of us to bring Glory to His name, and I’m glad we did respond. Praise and Glory is His forever and ever.

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