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A Place Yet to Be

Posted by Lani Gador-Johnson on August 18, 2013

Now that I’m still in the United States

I miss the things that are only

In the Philippines, their novelty

Old familiar places and faces

Festive celebrations with my family…

Exotic meals prepared in the open air

Sunny days almost the whole year

Varied species of seafood

Tropical flowers that brighten up one’s mood…

Crystal-clear pool-like water

Along powdery white shoreline like no other

The sight of the mountain meeting the sea

Oh! The paradise that it’s meant to be….

When we will relocate in the Philippines

Many things in the U.S. — I will surely miss

Exercise of freedom, good customer service

International cuisines, convenient life, cleanliness…

Beautiful landscaping in our neighborhood

Mature trees along the cemented road

The pleasant months of June and September

The different beauty that each season has to offer…

As if with certainty that I conclude

There’s no perfect place to live

Wherever we are on this side of the globe

We long for the other side for what it can give…

That perfect place is yet to be

Until we reach heaven- our ultimate destiny

Because when we’re still in this life, so earthly

“Our heart is restless until it rests in Thee.”

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